The fashion evolution of Dato' Seri Farah Khan is as illustrious as her accolades in the global fashion scene. Her characteristic taste in dressing up makes her the darling of celebrity friends and luminaries alike, with resort-like vibes reaching different corners of the world. No occasion is too small for Dato' Seri Farah and her expressive outfits -- flamboyance, colour and sequins are her pride and persona, all through the years.

Of hundreds of photos, we curated the 25 snapshots that best summarise the influential figure behind the Farah Khan label, and business mogul of leading luxury fashion retail label, Melium Group.

December 2007

Dato' Seri Farah Khan struts into her second Malaysia Tatler cover debut, in a fitting swish of a flowing, silver train.

December 2007

She's known for her love for sequins, and this retro-inspired, geometric minidress best encapsulates that.

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May 2013

For special occasions, Dato' Seri Farah also loves the figure-hugging silhouette. She sports a pastel-palette one at the Emilio Pucci store opening. 

December 2013

At her 'Some Kind of Wonderful' party, Dato' Farah, pictured with Nadia Nasimuddin, opted for a silk cocktail number with the festive palette of blue and red -- in silk, of course.

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May 2014

It's like she's stepped out of the Fifties, in her minidress, thigh-high leather boots, and retro hairdo, at the Melium x Malaysia Tatler charity auction. 

May 2014

To highlight her supporting hand in the Melium Group & Malaysia Tatler 25th Anniversary auction, she did a cover shoot cloaked in a striking red evening dress.

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September 2014

She rocked a neoprene, A-line monochrome dress, beside her son Karim Khan, at the launch of Maison Versace.

September 2014

In a feature story for Malaysia Tatler, her striking figure shone through in an illusion printwork dress. 

October 2014

A flamboyant, feathered vest befitted the hostess of the annual Style Rocks!, pictured with Lexie Rodriguez.

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December 2014

Dato' Seri Farah's love for bright colours mirrors her infectious charm, in this leggy number at her 'Some Kind of Wonderful' party. 

December 2014

Pretty in pink, wearing a beadwork-print inspired number at the birthday of the Sultan of Selangor, HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, alongside Puan Uma and Datin Seri Dato' Zainab Abdul Kader.

March 2015

This fitted white piece

is her version of power dressing, slashed down the middle with a black frill, as she escorts Monica Pugnaloni and Datuk Seri Sharizat Abdul Jalil into her new Max Mara store.

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July 2015

Dato' Seri Farah welcomed turning 60 as a princess of the night, in this blush-pink sequinned gown with a voluminous skirt.  

October 2016

Her running streak with adventurous outfits is evident at the 2016 Style Rocks! party, with this panelled lattice white dress combo with silver sneakers.

November 2015

In her best flapper impression at Datuk Raziah Mahmud-Geneid's 60th birthday party, dancing with Florence Fang, in a fringed blouse and skirt ensemble, dangling tiered necklaces floating to her every move.

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February 2016

Displaying her passion for print, Dato' Seri Farah coordinated colours and patterns that testify to her eclectic taste, contrasting with the all-black LBDs of Datin Dian Lee and Chryseis Tan.

March 2016

Her powder-blue kolam-print inspired sequinned dress stood out at the opening of Mama San KL, where Dato' Seri Farah hosted for guests like Puan Sri Molly Low and Che Puan Datin Winnie Low.

March 2016

Trust Dato' Seri Farah to make a turban chic. The headpiece veered away from her polished hairstyles, a look paired with a demure white blouse and pearls -- at the akad nikah of Amira Geneid and Cameron Priest. 

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May 2016

Another empirical example of her clashing print game -- a pattern striped blouse and maroon sequinned skirt, the standout among fashion mavens at an Emilio Pucci preview party. 

July 2016

At the birthday of Tun Siti Hasmah, she kept things fresh and bright in a print halter dress.

October 2016

It may be a simple white gown, but Dato' Seri Farah plays up details, like a ruched skirt, silver clutch and earrings, and smoothened hairdo, to glam up at Malaysia Tatler Ball 2016, with Florence and Datuk Raziah Mahmud-Geneid.

March 2017

Dato' Farah Khan's good spirits reflected in her vivid choice of floral vermilion skirt, as she greeted close friends and loyal fans at her Aseana closing party. 

 August 2017

She celebrated 'A Decade of Style' of her label at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, dressed in the winning shade of red and a striking sequin bomber, matched with streetwear footwear. Mariam Teh models a glitzy gold Farah Khan dress. 


October 2017

The fashion proprieter adds Lanvin to Melium's portfolio, marking the occasion in an all-black ensemble of lace and feathers, flanked by Chuck Yeoh, Dato' Setia Aubry Mannesson, Joseph Afaki and Tengku Fahd Mua'adzam Shah.

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November 2017

At the Malaysia Tatler Ball 2017, Dato' Seri Farah called upon the glam factor of a geometric sequin dress from her collection, seen here with her son Karim Khan and partner Dimitri Pantazaras.