And talks about how husband-to-be Roy Fong is quite the savvy shopper.

Right before her July wedding, Generation T lister (and scion of the Jean Yip empire) Cheryl Wee spent a day with the Singapore Tatler team shopping up a storm. Fittingly, we were at her favourite boutiques at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands; Cheryl has a Sands Rewards LifeStyle membership which gives her unlimited rewards on purchases and up to 9% back instantly in Reward Dollars, amongst others. In between racks and hats, we chatted about her fiancé Roy, bespoke wedding shoes and shopping philosophies.

So glad we’re hanging out and putting together a capsule wardrobe today! Let start with your style. Masculine or feminine?

People expect me to be girly. That’s sort of true: You’ll see me in sweet, girlish dresses on weekends, especially when I’m headed for brunch, and I do like pink—baby pink—to be exact! Like this Miu Miu dress paired with the retro sunnies and Miu Click bag; I just love them. But when it comes to dressing for work, I pick more tailored, masculine pieces.

Like the 3.1 Phillip Lim look?

Yes, and the tiny pearl trim on the shirt is amazing.  I own a number of 3.1 Phillip Lim pieces—his shoes, his bags. And of course, his white shirts! They’re great wardrobe staples with a twist. 

As my style evolves, I’ve learned that it’s essential to be comfortable in the clothes that I wear. I don’t follow trends blindly; I pick pieces that work with my body. I’m proud of my legs, so I gravitate towards high-waisted pants like these. They make my legs look longer and define my waist.

The jewellery’s a perfect fit with it.

I feel like a baller in this outfit, especially when we layered the Tiffany & Co. pearls with Hardware silver. I’m definitely in love with the Hardware necklaces and ring—they’re very cool, very versatile.

We all have that person we go to for a second opinion when shopping. Who’s yours?

I have two! My mum [Jean Yip] and my fiancé [Roy Fong]. As you can tell, their styles are very different. My mum is quite loud, while my fiancé leans towards being more minimal.

I always check in with my mum before I buy anything at all. I trust her taste. She always doles out good advice: Whether it’s a worthy investment or if it’s well-made; and it’s not always about the price. Just the other day, I wanted to get the Garden Party bag by Hermes, but she dissuaded me and said, “You should invest in a Birkin instead, it’ll be a better purchase in the long run.”

Roy knows my wardrobe and in fact, he likes shopping, maybe more than I do. He’s aware of fashion trends and the latest collection drops—be it watches, clothes or shoes. I’m a quick shopper, while he goes through the racks in the stores. He’s into design, and I’m into food. He takes the time to shop... I take the time to read the menu!

Where have you guys been shopping recently?  

We got a couple of things from Gucci, including Roy’s shirt for our Guo Da Li (Chinese betrothal) ceremony. I know he wants to get a pair of emerald green pants that we saw in the boutique too. I’ve also been eyeing that Dionysus bag because of that beautiful buckle, for a while now.

That’s such a classic.

Yes, that’s my philosophy when it comes to shopping. I don’t believe in chasing bags after bags; pieces after pieces. If it suits my style, I’d purchase the iconic pieces from that designer or brand. For Miu Miu, it’s the collared shirt. For Givenchy, the Nightingale bag. For Jimmy Choo—I got the bespoke Cinderella shoes for the wedding; they're the shimmery ones with the crystals on top. I had to order them 6 months in advance. For daily wear, I like how glitter heels play off boyish outfits so well, like these ones that I have on.

8 fashion quick-fire questions:

Heels or flats? Flats.

Colour or black? Black.

Pencil or flared skirt? Flared.

Denim or leather?  Hmmm... silk. 

Shorts or ballgown? Both!

Plunging neckline or backless dress? Backless.

On a plane: Sweatpants or jeans? Sweatpants.

Bikini or one-piece? No swimsuit! 

What kind of a shopper are you?

Not impulsive one, though I’ve to say it’s different story when I’m on vacation! Since young, the value of money has been inculcated in us. Whenever we wanted something we had to work for it, and I used to help out in the family business since I was about 8 or 9 years old.  My dad always says, "Think of the mileage, and if you will use it for years to come."  

That's definitely good shopping advice. And I believe knowing the best place to purchase is essential too!  Your Sands Rewards LifeStyle card gives you a minimum of 3% back in Reward Dollars— plus there's no limit. The capsule wardrobe that you pulled together today add up to over $100,000, and that will rack up  $3,000 that you can spend at Marina Bay Sands. What would you redeem that for? 

I would take my parents, Aunty Dawn, Aunty Paihong and my fiancée for dinner at Waku Ghin, to thank them for all the hard work they’ve put into the wedding. We’re all big foodies, and we know we’ll enjoy ourselves at Waku Ghin. They’re the people that matter the most.

Like dinners, shopping is a social activity to me. I don’t shop alone. I do it with my family and love the entire process of browsing with them. I have memories tagged to each thing that I buy, I remember when I got it, with who—everything. And that’s is more precious than the item itself. 

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Cheryl's Shopping Wishlist  

Stylist Desmond Lim

Photography Darren Gabriel Leow

Styling Assistant Joey Tan

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Makeup Adeline Lim


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