The Brunei Princess collaborates with Vivy Yusof on a headscarf collection carrying an empowering message for every woman.

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Dreams Do Come True

One can only dream about meeting a princess, let alone work on a top-secret project together, but that’s what Vivy Yusof, the brains of dUCk and Fashion Valet, found herself in on one day.

At the launch of dUCk’s latest collection, The Royal dUCk with Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah of Brunei, Vivy fondly recalled personal moments of this privilege. 

“She to me epitomised all that a woman should be… the more I worked with her, the more my respect for her grew. She was involved, passionate and extremely detailed… putting her heart in this fully,” enthused Vivy, to 170 guests at the private launch event at The Empire Hotel and Resort, Brunei.

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Identity of HRH Princess Sarah

In return, HRH Princess Sarah recalled her first meeting with Vivy – it was her passion for dUCk that spurred them to work on a range of scarves celebrating womanhood. 

“It honestly was just one woman to another being able to make a connection, each being able to relate to one another, being inspired and wanting to build more on each other’s perspective and seeing where that would take us,” HRH Princess Sarah elaborated. 

The partnership presents a limited edition collection of headscarves in cheerful and feminine shades of red, pink, ash blue and peach and decorated with five elements of flowers, bees, diamonds, grids and a wheel, each chosen for their reference to feminine attributes.

 The collection also offers a rare insight to the identity of HRH Princess Sarah – scroll through to discover these 6 traits.

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An independent Princess

One of the things that holds a lasting impression for Vivy was HRH Princess Sarah’s independence. “I’m so amazed that she drives herself! She’s got her entourage with her but I’ve never seen that; woman of her position, picking up her kids and going for her royal events. That’s something I will remember.”

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The facets of womanhood 

The collection is dedicated to the celebration of women today that echoes strongly with HRH Princess Sarah – the independent lady who is classy, feminine and elegant at the same time as she is an active and a dedicated team player. It’s also a celebration of a woman who supports her and friends.

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Royal words of empowerment

HRH Princess Sarah shared strong words that touched every heart in the room.  "Whether soft, gentle and warm, or fiercely independent and opinionated, whether a dreamer or an adventurer, a mother or a daughter – whatever we choose, however many roads we travel, our diversity is our strength. All of us in this room today has the ability to create, nurture and transform."

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The symbolic design elements

According to Vivy, HRH Princess Sarah requested for floral first and foremost and that spurred the dUCk team to suggest a few more elements. “We then proposed to her the wheel, the grids, the diamonds, the flowers and the bees. The wheel became the centre of the scarf and it worked perfectly.”

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How the collection relates to the Princess

The wheel is symbolic of independence for HRH Princess Sarah, who loves cycling, driving herself and sending her children to school. The grids is inspired by a sports racquet, depicting the Princess’s belief in women’s fitness and health, and who so happens to practice Muay Thai, Crossfit and netball. Hydrangeas was the flower of choice as they are the Princess’s favourite blooms.

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Teamwork with the Princess

The women shared their ideas through WhatsApp and phone calls, and Vivy flew to Brunei twice to finalise the designs, which took one to two months. “Pitting down the colours was hard,” admitted Vivy, who eventually settled with two soft and two bold designs, “so there’s something for everyone.” 

The collection is available now for pre-order in Malaysia at the dUCk store and Fashion Valet.

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