As Fendi’s ‘F is For’ millennial-centric digital platform celebrates its first anniversary this month, Fendi turns to the creative talents of 6 young street artists from around the world to commemorate the occasion, gathering them at Fendi's Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana rooftop in Rome. Their mission? Each artist prints the word ‘future’ in his own language onto a massive yellow painted ring.

1. Start from the top

A year ago the rooftop of Fendi’s headquarters in Rome became the literal canvas for a ‘Calligraffiti’ masterpiece by Russian calligraphy artist Pokras Lampas, the biggest calligraphy artpiece in Italy. This year, the artisan’s brush goes six ways as yet another fascinating 2-dimentional art form emerges on the same spot.  

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2. Overcoming barriers to a fearless future

Meeting for the first time in Rome, street artists Gary Stranger (UK), Cave (Iran) Hillel Smith (US), Roes (Hong Kong), Casper (Japan) and Jodae (South Korea) joined hands artistically as they mark the word ‘future’ on 6 quadrants of a huge yellow painted circle on the Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana rooftop in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean respectively.   

3. 6 Languages, One Symbol

The artwork speaks volumes of a younger generation’s desire to overcome cultural barriers and celebrate diversity with a new collective language as symbolised by The Ring of the Future.       

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4. Art You Can Wear

For its first anniversary F Is For released its first product: a genderless t-shirt displaying The Ring of the Future artwork front and centre. These unisex t-shirts are available exclusively on in colours black or white. 

5. F is For Fearless

The F is For platform was conceptualised by Fendi’s VP of Communication Christiana Monfardini, a visionary character with a goal to expedite Fendi’s role in creating and sharing amazing experiences both offline and online among creative individuals from across the world. 

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