When I was in the banking industry, people often told me that I looked like a designer. Maybe it was the way I dressed: Hussein Chalayan blazer, pink shirt, black trousers and a colourful Pucci tie; or, yellow cashmere cardigan, white shirt, grey pants and a lime green Hermes tie. To be honest, I found it uplifting to wear colours to work, and experienced a sense of freedom when I defied the traditional banker’s attire of black, navy or grey.

In fact, I had long discovered that fashion is the most accessible medium for artistic self-expression, and thus I’ve spent endless amounts of time practicing this art form. The range for what is fashionable is endless. From a school uniform paired with Nike Air Jordan 1s to the Elsa Schiaparelli skeleton dress, there is simply no demographic limitations.

I wholeheartedly embrace the view that every outfit is a potential work of art.  That is why I have the quirky habit of marching up to strangers to shower them with praise when I find their fashion artwork aesthetically pleasing or super creative, even if I may have personally made a very different choice for the same occasion.

By way of example, at a recent dinner, I complimented my friend Kelly, an accessory designer, who was wearing multiple Chanel vintage accessories with a tuxedo shirt and fitted leather skirt. Her modern remake of the late 1980’s look immediately inspired the other girls at the table to dig into their mother’s closets and treasure hunt that evening.

The funny thing is, after becoming a full-time leather goods designer, I have been told that I look like a banker. I guess what you wear really does reveal who you are – even if it was in the past.

Now onto my first blog: Let me speak about one of the most iconic bags of all time, The Hermes Birkin.


Ah… the infamous Hermes Birkin Bag. Having first surfaced in 1984, this classic is not only still around but ever more popular today. In a variety of sizes, colors and textures, the Birkin’s range is so wide that there is literally a Birkin for every personality!

Apart from the undeniable quality and luxury that it is associated with, I truly believe as exemplified above that it is the Birkin’s ability to constantly transform itself through the use of colors and textures that makes it so iconic.

Here are my personal favorites!

The 35cm Vibrato. The multi-color goatskin body goes hand-in-hand with my own colourful personality whereas the conservative box calf cover and handles let others know that I mean business.

Apart from the Vibrato, another dual tone favorite is the 30cm bi-color Fjord (adult cow) whose trademark is the different color handles and key holder or piping. Not only is the Fjord known to be water resistant but the fact that they can be ordered in any color combination adds a personal flair to a sleek and elegant design. Fashion meets practicality!

Last but not least, the 25cm buffalo Dalmatian. This little gem is more edgy and raw compared to the other Birkins and would go equally nicely with a classic black Chanel tweed suit or casual t-shirt and jeans. That’s what I call luxurious versatility!

Whatever your style, whatever your personality, whatever the occasion, there is sure to be a Birkin that suits you. A worthy investment – as it is here to stay.

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