With labels such as Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors vowing to remove fur from their upcoming collections, the entire fashion industry is looking towards faux fur for guilt-free luxe. We rounded up some of the best faux fur labels, perfect for the cold weather:

1. Jakke

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Jakke

London label Jakke is a fashion-forward faux fur brand that is making waves in the industry. Awarded the Best Faux Fur Brand for 2017 by the PETA fashion awards, they create splashy fun-loving coats (sometimes with ‘'Faux Real’ or ‘Kale Yeah’ printed on the back) will ensure your fashion statement an animal-friendly one.

Find out more at jakke.co.uk

2. Stella McCartney

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a designer who needs no introduction when it comes to her crusade for sustainable ready-to-wear pieces. She uses no animal skins in the creation of her pieces and her faux furs are exquisite. She uses yarn that resembles the touch of real fur, which are then knitted and dyed into graphic patterns. A cruelty-free statement coat? No one does it better than Stella. 

Find out more at stellamccartney.com

3. House of Fluff

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Above Photo: Courtesy of House of Fluff

New York label House of Fluff prides themselves on their ethical, faux fur designs. Each coat is made from environmentally-friendly materials, natural dyes and is produced in fair-waged factories. Bundle up with their shaggy yeti-inspired coats in black or white this Winter, we guarantee there's nothing cosier.

Find out more at houseoffluff.com

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4. Shrimps

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Shrimps

Founded by British designer Hannah Weiland in 2013, Shrimps is a label that has become recognized for their high-quality faux fur, playful patterns and 1960's inspired silhouettes. We're a big fan of her dreamy pastel coats, but be sure to check out her handbags—we love their retro style pearl-beaded box bags. 

Find out more at shrimps.co.uk

5. Charlotte Simone

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Simone

British designer Charlotte Beecham founded her label Charlotte Simone in 2011 with a single scarf design. Long, thin rainbow-striped scarves you can slip over any coat to make a striking winter statement. She has since gone on to create multi-functional pieces like oversized fuzzy coats and a variety of accessories like colourful cuffs or a pom-pom topped beret. 

Find out more at charlottesimone.com

6. Avec Modération

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Avec Modération

Faux fur definitely has a place in our hearts and space in our closets for the cold winter days, but Italian label Avec Modération makes us reconsider shearling, faux fur and all things fuzzy—even for warmer months. Slippers, loafers and slides with colourful straps and lining, all crafted in their Florence ateliers, make great cosy accents for light, off-the-body dresses and soft tailoring

Find out more at avec-moderation.com

7. Unreal Fur

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Unreal Fur

Founded in 2012, this Australian label is PETA-certified and follows strict ethical practices without compromise. Their shaggy furs and faux shearling coats would be a great addition to any woman's wardrobe, but perhaps what stole our hearts is the selection in teeny tiny sizes (for little girls) for matching "mommy and me" faux fur ensembles. 

Find out more at unrealfur.com

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