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From mothers and daughters who share wardrobes to those that challenge each other's take on fashion, these Tatler friends really show us how fashion can bond two people

Mother's Day will be rolling around in less than two weeks and we couldn't be more excited to honour the most special women in our lives. Mums teach us everything from important life skills to how to dress to make an impression. In fact, many of us grew up learning about style from raising our own mother's closets. 

No matter if you still share clothes with your mum or if she has completely adopted a new sense of style watching you, there has always been something special about fashion and the way it brings people together. 

This Mother's Day, which falls on may 9, we highlight some of the most fashionable mother-daughter duos.

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Adeline Teo and Angela Ng

Adeline Teo is the eldest daughter of businesswoman, Angela Ng and the pair are certainly very close.

In fact, Adeline has frequently said that her relationship with her mom is more of a friendship and that they can "talk about anything under the sun.”

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Chloe and Nina Ng

Chloe and Nina Ng are well known in the fashion scene with the pair regularly merging glamour with streetwear and complimenting each other effortlessly. The pair are also extremely close to each other with both of them consistently influencing each other both in life and in fashion.  

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Ara Chi and Stephanie Er

Owner of Sugarfin and the host of her own podcast channel, Arch, Stephanie Er is a powerful boss woman and she is taking her equally fabulous daughter, Ara, along for the ride. The fashion-loving duo has starred in my fashion shoots together such as The North Face x Gucci and Club Med. 


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Myla Rose and Astrie Sunindar-Ratner

Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, a mother of three and founder of A-Etiquette Consultancy, is well known for her ability to pull off stunning outfits that are feminine and that bring out her bright and confident personality. Her 11-year old daughter is no exception.

In fact, the mother-daughter duo frequently dresses up in outfits and colours that complement each other and present a wonderfully seamless image together.  

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Sabrina Ho and Belinda Chua

Sabrina Ho is the daughter of Belinda Chua who, owner of homegrown luxury jewellery boutique, Flower Diamond.

Ho is well known for her edgy and cool style which often involves a mix of streetwear and elegant smart casual wear. 

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Dawn Koh and Ginny Ng

Dawn Koh, the co-founder of Chalk Farm, and her mother, Ginny, who has spent decades managing luxury brands, are an unstoppable duo. Though Dawn is more of a sneakerhead who takes a more laissez‑faire approach to fashion, her mother is more of a fan of pastels and effortless practicality. Even so, the two still manage to come together and look stunning while doing so every time. 

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Ava and Dawn Ng

Local artist, Dawn Ng, is a big fan of documenting the slow and perpetual passing of time, a theme that she holds dear in many of her pieces and even in how she dresses. She values clean cuts and neutral colours in her fashion choices which translates directly to how she dresses her daughter, Ava.

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Lara and Shireena Manchharam

Between juggling two kids and managing her image consulting business, Sheens Image Consulting, Shireena sure is one busy lady. However, this mama always makes time for her kids, particularly her daughter, Lara, who is always fashionably dressed right next to her mom. 

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