Running a string of restaurants, including the innovative RUYI & LYN, and juggling a frequent-flying lifestyle doesn’t put a damper on her passion for fashion, which reflects in a well-organised wardrobe.

It’s hard to keep up with the high-functioning pace of Lyn Siew, the petite restaurateur of RUYI & LYN, global gourmand and jetsetter. For most of her adult life, Lyn has been on the go, studying and working in Europe, before eventually ‘settling down’ in Kuala Lumpur to help with her family’s business, the Oriental Group. Given Lyn’s hunger for inspiration and network of sophisticated friends, the perfectly coiffed blonde is always on the road. When we’re not licking our screens over her ‘food tasting’ snaps on Instagram, we’re marvelling at her affinity to pull together outfits for spontaneous occasions. Her secrets were revealed when we stepped into her cosily functional wardrobe that she had invited us to raid one day. Here’s a handy guide of how Lyn breaks down the packing, storing, and display of her extensive fashion collections.

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How is your wardrobe designed for a frequent-travelling lifestyle?

Everything is visible: that’s why there are not many drawers or closed-up closets, I just need to stand here and to be able to see everything. I need to be able to grab things from the closet, put them into my suitcase, pack up, then leave again. I’ve categorised most of my clothes, and if I’m not travelling anywhere cold, all my winter clothing are in storage.

What do you collect most?

Handbags – there are a few designers I like. I have Anya Hindmarch, a couple a Chanels: I mix high street items and designer brands for a bit of variety. I do change my handbags on a very regular basis because I go to work every day and I try to change it as much as I can to match where I’m wearing.

Your wardrobe is all white but initially it wasn’t meant to be. Why the change?

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Photo credit: Shaffiq Farhan
Above Photo credit: Shaffiq Farhan

I wanted it to be a darker scheme, to play with lighting and to illuminate some of the outfits I have in my collection but unfortunately there was a miscommunication and it turned out all white. But I think it works better because it makes the space more welcoming and it’s easier for me to find my clothes!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in here?

When I first moved in, I tried to unpack everything in one evening but I ended up falling asleep because I had a bottle of wine while unpacking (laughs). It just goes to show my dedication towards decluttering everything and having all my clothes on hand, my accessories in perfect condition, so that’s a bit of my obsession to have things in place.

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How about packing for your suitcase?

I bring a lot with me, so I fold them very properly. The most important thing is to make sure you use every space there is in your suitcase and maximise it, but to leave a bit of space for shopping!

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