Tatler Tips: Take Care Of Your Sunglasses

We love our sunglasses here in the tropics. Aside from shielding our eyes from the brutal sun, our shades can add that extra detail which helps complement our ensembles.

Make sure you are treating them right and taking good care of each and every pair you own!

Here are 5 #TatlerTips on how to take care of your sunglasses:  

1.jpeg 1.     Do not place them on your head. However stylish this may be, it is not good for your sunglasses! The act of using glasses as a headband stretches the frame and earpieces out, thus making the fit looser on your face. What a waste! 

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2.jpeg2.     Be careful when hanging them on the neckline of your shirt. This seems so simple but so many people do not realize that it can be a serious problem. If you are wearing a necklace, a beaded shirt or anything near the lenses of the glasses, they are at risk of being damaged and permanently scratched.

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3.jpeg3.     Do not lay your glasses lens-side down on any surface --- be it the bed, couch or dining table. You will either, sit on them or mark the lenses against a rough surface.

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4.jpeg4.     Do not toss your sunnies into your bag without putting it in its respective case --- I mean, come on.

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5.jpeg5.     Use the appropriate cleaning cloth to wipe the lenses because other materials can leave micro abrasions and scuffs.


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