Cover Caroline Low-Heah, Dick Lee

At a time where Fashion is obsessed with all things street and millennial, Tatler took the time to break bread at the Capitol Kempinski Hotel with Singapore’s Fashion OGs – the Original Gangsters who broke (and are still breaking) sartorial boundaries.

Singer/songwriter Dick Lee expressed his logomania with a boysenberry-hued Gucci suit. “It’s my second time around doing bell-bottom pants!”, Dick said, alluding to the fact that he is (unbelievably) 63 years old. Aesthetic doctor Georgia Lee rocked up in Balenciaga–a tone-on-tone, dress and bootie ensemble that added four inches to an already statuesque frame. And socialites Fanty Soenardy and Dana Cheong looked ready to party in their LBDs–Fanty in Chanel Coco Neige collection and Dana in Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2019.

During dinner, Fashion Director Desmond and I held a surprise fashion quiz with tricky questions designed to trip everyone up, but the joke was on us. Our guests aced every question (including, “Which designer was responsible for the split-toe Tabi shoe?” Answer: Martin Margiela). Well, we expected nothing less from Tatler Fashion Insiders.