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His unpredictable style is just one of the reasons why private investor Kimihisa Abe's style journey is so exciting to watch

After years in a business suit as a trader, Kimihisa Abe finally unleashes his experimental side to great effect, his wife Kyoko Abe tells us.

“Given his penchant for outfits in bright colours and bold patterns, Kimihisa might come across as a loud and flamboyant person, but he’s actually the opposite. He’s quite shy about receiving the Fashion Wildcard award because he doesn’t consider himself to be fashionable at all."


"Nonetheless, between the two of us, Kimi is the fashion plate. In most cases, the wife is the one who would shop for her husband, but in our relationship, it’s the other way around. He has a great eye and I’m constantly looking to him for style advice. I won’t purchase anything unless it has his stamp of approval!"

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"I believe the term ‘Fashion Wildcard’ really suits him. He’s one of those people whose style excites you, simply because you’ll never know what he’s going to wear. He could be in a casual, streetwear-inspired look one day, and a formal suit another. It’s like what he did for the Singapore Tatler Ball last year. While most men came in a standard-issue black tuxedo, he chose to rock a floral brocade dinner jacket instead."

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"He describes his sense of style as ‘free’ as he doesn’t conform to a specific look and enjoys challenging himself with new and interesting silhouettes. He’s currently a big fan of Virgil Abloh’s approach to menswear at Louis Vuitton. He loves the streetwear aesthetic and baggy silhouettes that the designer has pushed out for the house. I think this stems from the fact that he constantly had to wear suits when he was working as a trader in Japan, even on weekends. Now, it seems like he’s making up for lost time, experimenting with whatever style he wants.”