However you choose to wear them, sneakers are a must have in any wardrobe. But with the shift towards eco-friendly products and designs more prevalent than ever, we’re letting you know which brands are doing their bit to help the environment. Using everything from all natural and raw materials, to recycled plastics and even pineapple-based leather, here we list the sustainable sneaker brands to wear now.


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VEJA sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of VEJA

French brand VEJA not only makes sneakers that look great, but also offers some of the most sustainable shoes on the market. The sneakers are made with raw natural materials sourced from communities in the Amazon rainforest to save on water, energy and harmful emissions.
Available at Net-A-Porter

2. Matt & Nat

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Matt & Nat sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of Matt & Nat

Vegan brand Matt & Nat is 100% committed to never using any animal products. A frontrunner for sustainability, the brand offers not only footwear, but also handbags, wallets and menswear. The linings inside all Matt & Nat bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles, and in addition to being vegan, sustainable materials such as cork and rubber are used in the shoe designs.
Available at Matt & Nat

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3. AllBirds

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Allbirds sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of Allbirds

Billed as “the world’s most comfortable shoes”, Allbirds also does its bit to help the environment. The brand uses only natural and recycled materials, including wool from merino sheep, recycled PET bottles, castor bean oil and recycled cardboard.
Available at Allbirds

4. Nothing New

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Nothing New sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of Nothing New

Sticking true to its name, Nothing New uses only up-cycled materials, with the uppers and laces of its sneakers made entirely out of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. Designed to prove that “eco-friendly doesn't need to look eco-friendly”, the brand merges a luxury designer aesthetic with sustainability.
Available at Nothing New

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5. Adidas x Parley

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Adidas x Parley sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of Adidas

This mainstream brand has partnered with Parley Ocean Plastic™ to create premium running shoes and sportswear made using up-cycled plastic waste from beaches and coastal communities. The brand as a whole is also committed to only using eco-friendly elements in its products by 2024. 
Available at Adidas

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6. Cariuma

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Cariuma sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of Cariuma

Born in Rio, Cariuma sneakers are handcrafted with premium natural materials, a keen eye for detail and a conscious mind. Materials used include fair-trade cotton, raw natural rubber (sourced from hevea brasiliensis trees) and recycled plastic bottles. Plus, even the packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials and all shipping and transportation is carbon neutral.
Available at Cariuma

7. Po Zu

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Po Zu sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of Po Zu

This award-winning ethical footwear brand is not only sustainable, but uses natural, organic and fair-trade materials. Materials such as natural latex, cork, wool, organic cotton and Piñatex (vegan leather made from pineapple leaf fibres) are all renewably sourced and responsibly harvested, and no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes are used.
Available at Po Zu

8. Ecoalf

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Ecoalf sneakers
Above Photo: Courtesy of Ecoalf

Ecoalf not only creates sustainable sneakers, but also clothing for men, women and children using recycled materials. Setting out to prove that a truly sustainable fashion brand is possible without sacrificing aesthetics, Ecoalf transforms waste, such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, tires and even post-consumed coffee grounds into high quality fabrics and consequently, into fashionable garments.
Available at Ecoalf

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