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With the increase in awareness of fast fashion causing significant damage to the environment, we take a look at where to shop sustainable fashion brands

1. Reformation

Recently made available to ship to Hong Kong directly from its website, Reformation is one of the leading sustainable fashion brands in the United States. Not only are the clothes made to fit a range of women of multiple shapes and sizes, but every piece on the website lists an exact description of how the brand has reduced its carbon footprint as well as how much waste, energy and water has been saved in the process of making the item. Reformation also produces an annual sustainability report for transparency with its customers.

Available at Reformation

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2. PYE

Run by one of our very own Tatler 500 Listers – Dee Poon – PYE produces high quality, simple yet functional crisp cotton shirts for men. One of the key missions of PYE is to create the perfect shirt while also using responsible methods in every part of the production process such as turning to sustainable farming practices with local cotton farmers, not using hazardous chemicals and reducing the production of waste.

Available at PYE

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3. The R Collective

Founded by Redress’ Founder Cristina Dean, The R Collective’s goal is to create quality clothing using waste materials and textiles sourced from luxury fashion brands, and reputable manufacturers and mills. The brand offers timeless and versatile designs and donates 25% of its profits to Redress to fight for the reduction of waste in the fashion industry. If you're looking for basic essentials that are easy to wear, and comfortable, you'll find them here.

Available at The R Collective

4. Stella McCartney

As one of the pioneering brands in high-end luxury fashion turning to sustainable practices, Stella McCartney has made a commitment to never use leather or fur – and to find eco-friendly alternative materials like recycled nylon and polyester to produce luxury products. The brand has also collaborated with multiple partners such as Adidas, Kering Eyewear, and The Real Real to create sustainable products and extend the life of preloved luxury goods.

Available at Stella McCartney

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5. Basic for Basics

Founded in Hong Kong, ethical fashion brand Basics for Basics aims to find the best solution in decreasing its carbon footprint, using surplus fabrics, organic cotton and sustainable materials. Basics for Basics offers simple everyday essentials including T-shirts, tank-tops, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, and shorts.

Available at Basics for Basics

6. Mother of Pearl

London-based luxury sustainable womenswear brand Mother of Pearl sources its materials from sustainable fibres including wool, organic cotton and Tencel for its collections. The brand believes in taking on a social responsibility in regards to a respect for animals, having a transparent supply chain and having a low environmental impact. Mother of Pearl features a selection of masculine and feminine designs, ranging from casual basics to floral dresses and statement coats that cater to every season and occasion.

Available at Net-A-Porter

7. Another Tomorrow

Founder of Another Tomorrow, Vanessa Barboni Hallik believes in designing pieces that avoid the unsustainable costs of fast-fashion practices such as mass pollution from production chains, animal-cruelty and unfair working conditions. The brand offers simple yet refined ready-to-wear items that will become timeless staples in your wardrobe and uses eco-friendly materials like organic linen, cotton, wool and FSC-certified viscose for their pieces. 

Available at Matches Fashion

8. Faithfull The Brand

Bali-based sustainable fashion brand, Faithfull The Brand has been recognised as a favourite among top Instagram influencers. The brand features feminine, floral and boho-inspired pieces that are synonymous with vacation style. The pieces by Faithfull The Brand are designed, sourced and produced in Bali, which means that in every part of the production process, the brand utilises local factories, resources and talent.

Available at Net-A-Porter

9. Maggie Marilyn

Luxury New Zealand brand, Maggie Marilyn believes in transparency from ensuring fair working conditions, providing living wages to employees, and using eco and ethical production practices for all its clothes. Maggie Marilyn uses a range of sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, regenerated nylon Tencel and non-Mulesed wool in their designs. The brand offers feminine and playful wear with a unique twist that is sure to make a statement.

Available at Maggie Marilyn

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10. Gabriela Hearst

Founded in 2015 by former model of the same name, Gabriela Hearst, the New York label believes in ‘honest luxury’, carefully selecting high-quality and sustainable materials like silk, cashmere, linen and wool from her family’s ranch to use in her collections. The brand also collaborates with women’s cooperatives in Uruguay to minimise their environmental impact and carbon footprint in their fashion shows. Find sleek, playful and feminine eco-friendly pieces here.

Available at Matches Fashion

11. Story mfg

Story mfg, which is short for ‘manufacturing garments’ is a fun and playful clothing brand founded by husband and wife duo. Not only will you find unique tie-dye patterns on their pieces, you will also find eccentric designs and cuttings. The label uses organic and natural fibres to create their cruelty-free and vegan pieces which are 100% biodegradable. Story mfg also makes sure to pay their craftspeople, tailors, dyers and weavers who are based deep in the Indian forest ethically, and ensures that all waste produced in clothing production is used as fertiliser.

Available at Matches Fashion

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