The first rays of sunshine have burst through, so the time has come to find the perfect pair of sunglasses to look like a star while still protected from UV rays. Shapes, colors, lenses: focus on the latest trends for the 2015 spring/summer season.

Faguo, in collaboration with Lesca, offers a unisex model called "Gabin" in a very 60s style.

Certain trends last and for good reason -- retro being the perfect example since, once again this year, there are plenty of vintage-style models to choose from. Thankfully though, not every brand agrees on this point, giving the holdouts a chance to present their more future-looking wares.

Aviator-style frames

No surprise with this one: aviators will once again be in style this year. This retro look gets revisited every year, and though brands only barely tweak the ultra iconic shape, they do however play with the details (temples, rhinestones, lenses, patterns, materials). Mixing retro with futuristic is a sure way to impress.

Though Ray-Ban is the brand most obviously linked to aviator-style sunglasses, many others continue to release various versions of this legendary look every year. Tom Ford has aviator styles including Cyrille ($535), Charles Round ($320) and Marko ($380).

The red "Madeleine" design by Jeremy Tarian

Back to the 60s

Sunglasses will travel back in time this summer to the 1960s. A round shape will be prevalent in models with different colors, decorated with prints or in a more subdued look. This trend also marks the return of tortoise shell-style temples that were so in style in the 60s.

For this season, Faguo has collaborated with eyewear brand Lesca to produce a unisex model in acetate named Gabin, which highlights this spotted pattern. It's a limited series, with only 30 being produced, and priced just under $200. Jérémy Tarian is also offering a retro chic limited edition for around $300, the round "Madeleine" model, available in red to add some pep to your look.

The "Dior Technologic" sunglasses by Dior

Futuristic looks

Certain brands have chosen to stand out and present futuristic designs as an alternative to the retro trend. That's notably the case with Dior and the $400 Dior Technologic model, seen in their summer 2015 show, with its pantos shape, metal open-worked frame (available in silver and gold), ultra-flat tone-on-tone lenses and matte black acetate temples.

Photos courtesy of Faguo/ Lesca, Jeremy Tarian, and Dior