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International fashion icons are always fun to look up to — but how about some local dose of inspiration? These 9 women are upping their Instagram game with more than just selfies, they're doing it with style.

Who are the cool girls of Instagram? We have a couple of guesses — nine, actually. 

Check out the fashion doyens of the local style scene via their Instagram page. They're the stylists, artists, creatives, and directors behind some of the most-talked-about looks in society today. More than just wearing clothes that match a certain aesthetic, these ladies proudly show off style that's cutting-edge, comfortable, and true to themselves. 

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1. Heart Evangelista

The muse of many, Heart Evangelista reigns as queen of fashion — even while on lockdown. Her status as "crazy rich Asian" has only served to deepen the public's fascination with her glamorous lifestyle. Her Hermès face masks, which she's jauntily paired with brands from Chanel to Kamiseta, have made a huge splash on the Internet. And while most of us are happy to lounge at home in sweats and an oversized T-shirt, Heart's been creating glamorous OOTD's under lockdown with snakeskin boots, Gaultier blazers, and Louis V. glasses. 

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2. Jess Connelly

Manila songbird, Jess Connelly, is primarily known for her sultry voice and soulful choruses. Yet, it's hard for audiences to ignore her cool wardrobe choices that go alongside all her performances. Her oversized shirts, chunky sneakers, and love of denim is contagious; she's seemingly a master of the 90's throwback. Alongside such sartorial adoptions are her covetable beauty secrets: striking red lippie against dark mascara is a timeless look that suits her more than most. 

3. Nicole Andersson

Nicole Andersson isn't one to shy away from prints, be it polka dots, stripes, floral patterns, or snakeskin. Her outfits are polished, put together, and very feminine — with an added dash of colour to add a bit of vibrancy to it all. While most may not dare with knee-high boots and neon-coloured blazers, trust in Andersson to put in the right amount of panache in every OOTD to ensure a stylish yet not too-over-the-top ensemble. 

4. Kim Jones

March cover girl, Kim Jones, has the most striking set of bedroom eyes. And although her photos on Instagram come in moody tones and muted colours, her style is just as vibrant we can hope for it to be. Her hairstyles, for one, are aspirational in how cutting-edge they are. How many people do you know can rock a pixie platinum blonde? But really, it's her versatility that we like to applaud: from sheer skirts to army boots and oversized parkas, we know that Kim Jones can rock any outfit that comes her way. 

5. Laureen Uy

Laureen Uy's expressive style is not lost on us. Her penchant for colour — blue on her hair, a rainbow on her body — is impressive, to say the least. While some stylists tend to shy away from being too loud, Uy walks headfirst into it, managing somehow to come out unscathed by anything too gaudy. Perhaps it's her confidence, but she comes out looking amazing in neon green, bright pink, or pastel purple. 

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6. Camille Co

Camille Co's petite frame carries her well through the various society parties and fashion shows she's privy to. And why not? She's never one to back down from a little sartorial experimentation. One minute she's feminine in muted pastels and ruffly white skirts, the next, dynamic in an oversized raincoat, a bright pink dress, boyfriend jeans, and three sling bags. If you're not wearing clothes like Camille Co, then your clothes are definitely wearing you. 

7. Martine Ho

Proving that mothers don't have to be matronly, Martine Ho proudly shows off her baby bump in figure-hugging bodysuits and baby-doll dresses. The creative director of Sunnies Studios and its sister companies have rightfully found her place on our list as she heads off into the world of motherhood. Showing off her soon-to-be-born son or daughter, Martine confidently poses for the camera in what is a beautiful testament to the dynamism of a woman's body. 

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8. Mari Jasmine

Mari Jasmine's style is a little lowkey, but it's definitely not boring. As someone who understands shape, Jasmine seems to veer towards pieces with interesting an interesting cut or style. Deep necklines and off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters abound on her Instagram page. We especially love this super sexy striped polo from Dion Lee, a designer best known for playing with shapes, cuts, and necklines. 

9. Paloma Urquijo Zobel

Boho chic best describes free-spirit Paloma Urquijo-Zobel. Her fun outfits and film-inspired photos are refreshing as they are whimsical. Her Instagram page (@p.u.z) whisks her followers away to more faraway places both dreamy and exotic, with outfits to match. 

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