The coupling of 2 creative minds is in the intricate details: Actor January So and entrepreneur Aaron Chin give us an insight of their wardrobe essentials and flamboyant fashion collections.

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How do you decide what to wear for the day?

January So: It depends on how my body/mind wants to portray herself on that particular day. Be it reserved, fun or wild, I don’t plan it beforehand or force anything to happen. I basically let my inner style flow through.

Aaron Chin: No, I don’t really plan ahead. It really depends on what I’m doing for the day. I’d wear a dark suit if there are important client meetings which call for something more formal. Otherwise I’d stick to the routine basic outfit.

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What are your top 3 wardrobe essentials?

JS: Belt/girdle, high-waist pants, turtlenecks.

AC: Half-turtleneck sweatshirt, well-aged jeans, socks.

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How would you describe your collections so far?

JS: My wardrobe has one side full of cold, monotone colour series, and another that is full of warm and bright tones.

AC: Transitional. I’m in the process of going “Marie Kondo” on my wardrobe and decluttering and picking out garments that don’t serve me anymore and donating them. 

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What is your ideal outfit?

JS: Anything you wear that’s not following any trends or prevailing thoughts on what’s good. Staying true to your own self.

AC: A black half-turtleneck sweatshirt, black Rick Owens drop-crotch pants, and a pair of sneakers. I almost wear that everyday.

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What's a fashion trend you dislike?

JS: Any trend that doesn’t stand the test of time.

AC: Dressing head-to-toe in designer clothing emblazoned with loud logos all over.

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What are your go-to accessories?

JS: Pearl earrings. My very first accessory that I bought for myself was a pair of pearl earrings and I love them to this day.

AC: I’d pick watches but I find myself leaving them at home these days. The only accessory I still have on me is probably my earring.

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What do you enjoy most about dressing up?

JS: It's one of the most positive and creative ways to express myself.

AC: Of course, planning the outfit for the party I'm going to!