Strut your way fashionably with stylish handcrafted footwear from our Singapore shoe designers

Calling all shoe addicts! Here are the luxury footwear designers based in sunny Singapore that you need to have on your radar ASAP for your next (vaccinated) 5-pax party.

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Not only do they deserve due credit for living by the handcrafted shoe-making philosophy, these local designers take pride in combining beauty and aesthetics with comfort and finesse that will never fail to complete your going-out look. Each of these designer brands instil their own signature personality and culture into their designs, which adds to their unique appeal and charm to shoe lovers who love variety and quirk in their footwear.

Feel even more empowered and confident with this list of Singapore-based shoe designer brands to help you go about your days with renewed élan.

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1. Mashizan

Mashizan certainly knows how to imprint their fashion philosophy of boldness, sophistication and sense of self onto their one-of-a-kind shoe creations. Each collection takes its inspiration from the founder’s collected stories and encounters with people and different cultures from his travels like his gold kimono silk paired with green Florentine suede. before setting up his label, the Paris-based, Singaporean designer Mashizan Masjum was a seasoned TV journalist and made acclaimed documentaries for National Geographic, History Channel and Discovery. Now, he gets to live out his passion of designing footwear, which he learnt in Florence, Italy from a master artisan and a veteran designer from Salvatore Ferragamo.

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2. Hope Rosa

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Photo: Instagram/Hope Rosa
Above Photo: Instagram/Hope Rosa

Hope Rosa is a Singaporean shoe designer brand that wants to elevate women’s luxury footwear with classic designs that are science-backed and practical for the modern, everyday woman. In their mission to bring quality artisan craftsmanship and attractive professional designs to their clients—like their statement Marylyn Pumps kitten heels—their purposeful efforts in taking it a step further by considering the science and technicality behind the making of a shoe and how its shape and composition can contribute to greater comfort and durability highlights their passion in promoting “thoughtful luxury” and giving their customers the best luxury shoe experience.

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3. Palola

Palola intends to bring back a sense of intention and intimacy in handcrafted footwear through their philosophy of traditional and handmade shoemaking that sets itself apart from the industrialised products out there. Like their GMTO Claudia loafers, their shoes emit an irreplaceable kind of classiness and timelessness in their design that is suitable for the everyday boss lady. Their in-house bespoke shoemaker Josh Leong honed his craft at Italian bespoke shoemaker, Stefano Bemer, and he works with Jeremiah Ang from The J.Myers Company to create shoes that not only scream sophistication, but also comfort as well.

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4. Oleah

Singapore-based designer shoe brand Oleah celebrates femininity with their running themes of pastel hues and soft bright colours in their shoe designs and patterns. They also love to put a sense of modern quirk into their creations like their Paddle Pop shoes made with a dusty coral, an off-white vanilla patent and a little peek-a-boo blue, which hark back to the nostalgic days of eating a Paddle Pop popsicle after school. Their passion in wanting to brighten their customers’ days with their designs is also evident in their efforts to focus on shoe construction and Italian leather that are put together by master craftsmen in Europe for the wearer’s comfort.

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