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Stella McCartney's autumn 2021 campaign Our Time Has Home supports Human Society International's campaign petitions to end the cruel fur trade both in the UK and overseas

Stella McCartney has a bold new campaign to end the use of fur. Titled ‘Our Time Has Come’, the fashion house's autumn 2021 campaign features a stylish fantasy of animals stomping around London, living freely and taking their place among people while wearing sustainable luxury pieces and embodying "J is for Joy" from the McCartney A to Z Manifesto. It aims to communicate the message that animals are our equals and to support Human Society International's (HSI) campaign to end the cruel fur trade both in the UK and globally.

"While this campaign is light-hearted, I wanted to address a serious issue: ending the use of fur. Whether it is being sold here in the United Kingdom or farmed globally, barbarism knows no borders and this effort is key to my life’s mission of bringing a conscience to the fashion industry," says Stella McCartney.

The fashion house is committed to stopping the use of leather, feathers, fur or skins since 2001, having prevented 60,000 animal deaths. More than 1 million of Stella McCartney's vegan, iconic Falabella bags have been sold, preventing the deaths of about 400,000 cows. They are also raising awareness for HSI's Free Britain petition, urging the UK government to ban the import and sale of fur.

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"Stella McCartney's inspiring leadership on fur-free fashion is second to none, so we are thrilled to partner with her on this exciting new initiative calling for a global end to fur cruelty. Millions of animals on fur factory farms endure deprivation and pain for the fur trade, and animals trapped and drowned in the wild suffer terribly too—simply for fashion items no one needs. We’re proud to stand with Stella McCartney and her celebrity advocates to say it’s time to call time on fur," says Jaffrey Flocken, president of Humane Society International.

Progressing towards this cruelty-free ethos through fashion, the autumn 2021 campaign is an optimistic and energetic imagination of a fur-free world. Several vegan bags make an appearance in the campaign photos and video such as iconic Falabella playfully exaggerated as an oversized Maxi edition and the Frayme, a bold new style remixing classic codes. The collection is made with 80 per cent eco-friendly materials, making it the fashion house's most sustainable to date.

The autumn 2021 collection is available from June 2021 and July 2021 in Stella McCartney boutiques and online at

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