Continuing the conversation started from the men’s fall/winter 2021 show, Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada presented a collection inspired by fusing opposites and sparking fresh possibilities

If looking at the Prada women’s fall-winter 2021 show set gave you a sense of déjà vu, that’s because the layered textures of fluffy fur on glossy marble on solid colour was a direct riff from the brand’s men’s FW21 show in January. And the clothes that were sent down the digital runway by co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons were purposefully designed to reflect and have a conversation with its surroundings—whether in a whisper of refined elegance or a roar of exuberant print.

“I think we wanted this space to physically relate very much to the clothes and to the intentions we had with the collection,” said Simons in his now-ubiquitous, post-presentation conversation with Prada, and a clutch of the house’s close friends including architect Rem Koolhaas, designer Marc Jacobs, actress Hunter Schaefer and more. “That's why there was a very strong relation between the actual space psychologically and physically.”

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How this artistic vision played out on the runway was a veritable feast for the senses: Prints and patterns reminiscent of vintage prints (possibly pulled from the vast Prada archive) were splattered on jacquard-knit bodysuits; silhouettes were blown up, as seen on beautifully cut cocoon coats in pop bright colours, and the almost uniform-like suits with a masculine bent; and, as is Prada’s wont, a cheeky subversion of social markers of status—case in point, the fur stoles lined in brilliantly lurid sequins. Overall, an ace collection for the books.

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The Prada-ness is Mrs. Prada

—Marc Jacobs  

Here are seven clever styling tricks we spotted, that we’re already adding to our fashion repertoire.

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1. Clash colours for a fresh perspective

It’s colour blocking for 2021—Prada keeps it fire with a single, bright colour to anchor the outfit (in this case, citrus yellow) while contrasting it against grounding complementary hues.

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2. Make your footwear the focal point of your outfit

Let your shoes do the talking for fall-winter 2021. Prada champions the cause with legging-shoe hybrids painted with flashy prints that will make you the talking point of the season.

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3. Jazz up your grandmother’s fur stole with sequins

Luxurious, but make it fun! Prada and Simons gave the staid stole a modern refresh with lining of jewel-toned sequins that echoed the set’s play on textures. Get the look by pairing looks in your wardrobe with contrasting visual textures (glitter with fur, nylon with a chunky wool knit… the possibilities are endless).

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4. Temper eye-catching prints by layering with solid black

A surefire way to bring a loud party look back into the everyday is to take Prada’s lead and layer your bold, printed pieces with flattering solid black. Trust us, it won’t tone your style, but rather, crank up the fashion quotient.

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5. Match your bag to your cardigan

Forget matching your bag to your shoes—the latest way to do it is to pair up your bags with your cardigans. Keep things interesting by choosing identical colours, but in different prints for a compelling look.

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6. Pair a classic blazer with a wild bodysuit

With the pandemic still at large, the lines between business looks and party looks have all but been eroded. Prada proposes an inventive way to mix business and leisure for fall-winter 2021—by layering a wild bodysuit under a practical skirt suit—a simple but effective styling trick that you can add to your style rulebook now.

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7. Everything looks better with gloves

Practical uses for gloves aside, Prada’s extensive use of the old world accessory has been modernised by fusing them with little pouches for a glove-bag hybrid, and giving dramatic opera gloves a cool twist with psychedelic prints and colours. Give your current outfits a sartorial boost with brightly coloured, wrist-high gloves à la Prada.

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