Cover Japanese actor Tomoshia "Yamapi" Yamashita wears the new Moncler x Hiroshi Fujiwara "WOM" jacket (Photo: Courtesy of Moncler)

The first drop from the 7 Moncler FRGMT Hiroshi Fujiwara 2021 collaboration focuses on lighter, mid-season items, and for the first time, a capsule for womenswear

Italian luxury fashion brand Moncler and "godfather of Ura-Harajuku fashion" Hiroshi Fujiwara join forces again for another round of 7 Moncler FRGMT Hiroshi Fujiwara collection. Released through Moncler's Genuis line, the first drop focuses on lighter, mid-season items but very much puts the world of Moncler on display while capturing what Fujiwara is known for.

A bit of a jack-of-all-trades, Fujiwara is a creator, a producer, a musician and the godfather of streetwear. He moved to Tokyo from Ise, Mie at the age of 18 and quickly became a standout in Harajuku's street fashion scene and became one of Japan's first hip-hop DJs, eventually popularising the genre in Japan.

His background underscores his approach to crafting collections: wide-reaching reference, extensive sampling and offbeat collaborations. But he also makes sure it has a personal touch, at times even egotistical by making clothing he himself would like to wear. This, in turn, touches a chord with his followers.

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Working with Moncler, Fujiwara merges functional design and mysterious slogan with the brand's technical expertise of delivering seemingly normal pieces that are actually full of hidden surprises. This season, the collection includes—for the first very first time—a capsule for womenswear, fused with Fujiwara's signature urban staples. The palette is in the rhapsody of black, while the look is layered and functional.

The range includes a quilted skirt matched with a puffer, a dress with a quilted top and outerwear shapes borrowed from the man's wardrobe. Security patches and the new logo devised from Moncler's vintage labels characterise the items, both boldly and discreetly.

For men, the collection features bombers, puffers, workwear jackets, a diverse range of outerwear that nods to the designer's own streetwear heritage and sophisticated takes on jersey tops, jumpers, Bermuda shorts and trousers. There's also an array of hats, beanies and bucket hats.

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Fujiwara also created a few garments with sustainable features—a puffed anorak is crated in organic cotton and sustainable fabrics while quilted jackets include fabrics made with recycled nylon and adorned with recycled brass snap buttons.

The slogan this season runs along the back of the jacket: World of Moncler. Whether tight side up or upside down, read from any perspective, the acronym WOM always reads the same, reflecting Fujiwara's consistent take on Moncler, embracing its heritage, strength and uniqueness.

Going alongside the launch is a short film that Fujiwara conceptualised and directed by Odd Job to capture and celebrate the mood of city nightlife. Japanese actor Tomoshia "Yamapi" Yamashita stars and reacquaints himself with club life, short in dynamic monochrome which is a nod to the graphic design aesthetic of the late 1970s. Yamashita is wrapped in the WOM jacket, moving past a mix of clubgoers who are wearing garments from the newly introduced womenswear capsule.

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