Giving a whole new meaning to 'fantasy couture'

Whether the Game of Thrones finale has left you in tears of joy or woe (but let's be honest, it'll almost certainly be the latter), the epic fantasy that's captured hearts around the world for the last decade has left us with characters as memorable as the story itself.

We look back at our favourite houses and their style to see which fashion label they could represent if they lived in our world... if only!

1. House Lannister | Alexander McQueen

Chainmail and armoured shoulders, the always suspicious, always heavily guarded Lannisters' fashion counterpart would have to be Alexander McQueen where beneath every romantic shift dress is always a tough edge. 

2. House Stark | Louis Vuitton

We're not just saying this because Sophie Turner is a face of Louis Vuitton. Mostly black with futuristic details like a crystal buckle here or a sheath of silver there, Louis Vuitton ladies march to the beat of their own drum and so do the Stark girls.

3. House Greyjoy | Rick Owens

Swaths of ragged cloth and baggy pants, if House Greyjoy's fashion spirit sister isn't Rick Owens, we're not sure what else it could be. Is it just us or was the star-patterned jacket on Euron Greyjoy in episode 5 super-chic?

4. House Targaryen | Balmain

Add the Balmain army to her forces! Daenerys' white fur jacket has become as iconic as the Dragon Queen herself, and no one does sharp-shouldered luxury quite like Balmain. 

5. The Wildlings | Moncler

While they're not strictly a house, the Free Folk have a recognizable style of their own, namely the several layers of animal fur wrapped up with chord into makeshift coats to beat the cold.

What do we wear when we venture north? Moncler, of course, specifically Moncler Genius x Craig Green if we're talking maximum volume.

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6. House Tyrell | Zuhair Murad

Most members of Highgarden might have met sad fates, but they sure looked great while they lasted. Jacquard bodices and brocade dresses, only Zuhair Murad would have been good enough for Lady Olenna's discerning tastes.

7. House Martell | Chloe

In the little Bohemian oasis, Dorne's Sand Snakes best resemble the #Chloegirls of today who sport earth-toned airy chiffon jumpsuits and plunging shifts, all with the occasional harness that says, "we may be pretty but don't mess with us."

8. House Arryn | Zimmerman

Sitting atop the mountain ranges, one can't help but draw comparisons between the Eyrie and Rivendell from Lord of the Rings thanks also to the ethereal costumes worn by Lysa Arryn.

Zimmermann, who makes modern day princess dresses in romantic silhouettes and soothing pastels would surely be good enough for the Lady of the Vale.

9. The Dothraki | Givenchy

There's not so much fabric when it comes to the Dothraki's wardrobe (not that we minded) but Givenchy's spring/summer 2011 collection proved it's not so much what you wear but how you wear it anyway.

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