Cover Lil Nas X with the Off The Grid shoulder bag in orange

Dubbed Off The Grid, the pre-fall collection uses recycled, organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials

In line with Gucci Circular Lines, an initiative created to promote circular production, Gucci has released a sustainable collection called Off The Grid. Genderless footwear, luggage, accessories and ready-to-wear pieces make up the collection, which is created for those seeking to reduce their impact on the environment.

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Part of Gucci's continuous effort to reduce carbon footprint and create less waste, materials used include Econyl, regenerated nylon created from pre- and post-consumer waste. Visually distinctive from the fashion house's previous collections, the Off The Grid pieces come in three vivid colours of black, orange, or yellow.

The backpack, for instance, sports three frontal pockets to create a really unique look. Gucci's Tennis 1977 sneakers also received a bold touch, available either as low or high-tops. Adhering to the gender-neutral fashion trend, some of the ready-to-wear pieces come in a genderless size.

Supporting the collection is a stunning campaign featuring a rather inclusive group of celebrities including Jane Fonda, Lil Nas X and David de Rothschild.