Netflix and Phenomenal, a lifestyle brand owned by Meena Harris, niece of US Vice-President Kamala Harris collaborate to launch exclusive Bridgerton merch highlighting its female characters

Dear readers, this author has gotten hold of some exciting news: exclusive merch from Bridgerton has dropped.

Netflix has partnered up with Phenomenal, a female-powered lifestyle brand that's been bringing awareness to social causes led by Meena Harris, lawyer, activist and niece of Vice-President, Kamala Harris.

The exclusive Bridgerton x Phenomenal merch features familiar lines and quotes from the Regency-era show such as Lady Whistledown's "Dear reader", Queen Charlotte's "I wish to be entertained", Eloise Bridgerton's "If there's a scandal, I shall uncover it" and of course, Daphne Bridgerton's ultra-famous line, "I burn for you". If "Regencycore"-inspired fashion isn't for you, you can opt to wear garments with iconic lines from the hit series instead.

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All the chosen quotes and designs pay homage to the show's powerful female characters who do not conform to society's standards and expectation of what a woman should be. This comes in line with Phenomenal's brand mission to uplift women's voices.

The brand also worked with female fashion designer, Chantal Strasburger of Read Receipts for the collection, another female-led brand that's highlighting social issues and causes. It will be available in a variety of crewnecks and hoodies which is just perfect for a Netflix marathon.

"Shonda Rhimes’ creative genius in Bridgerton, and her other successful ventures, imparts an important message to viewers by showcasing black leading characters and centring strong, dynamic women. Phenomenal has championed these same themes, emphasising female ambition and the importance of bringing awareness to underrepresented communities, and Bridgerton magnifies that messaging," says Harris, founder and chief executive officer of Phenomenal.

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"By incorporating quotes from lead characters into our first drop, we’re celebrating the diversity and power that exists both in the cast and behind the scenes, from EP to showrunner," she adds.

So whether you're a Lady Whistledown stan, need more tea like Queen Charlotte, a budding journalist like Eloise or found something that ignites the flame in you like Daphne, this collection is a must addition to your wardrobe.

Previously, Phenomenal also partnered up with the streaming giant for a similar release for To All The Boys, a romantic comedy that features an Asian American female protagonist. The brand first gained attention for its "Phenomenal Woman" T-shit that's a nod to Maya Angelou's poem.

The Bridgerton x Phenomal collection is now available for pre-order on their website with the first shipments dropping on the week of March 15.

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