From September 27 to October 10, 2021, Rockwell will collaborate with Zarah Juan on an exclusive, limited-edition bag collection to support the environment and Philippine artisans

On a mission to promote sustainable living, boost retail and support artisans, Rockwell proudly presents a partnership with designer Zarah Juan.

Tarp-To-Tote is a project rooted in sustainability. Launched in 2019, Rockwell looked at their advertisement tarpaulins and thought, there must be something we can do with these when the campaigns are over. This light bulb moment birthed the idea of lining designer totes with tarps. Through this initiative, mindful shopping and style are brought to the Rockwell community through collaborations with top local designers.

Rockwell first partnered with Aranaz, then with Patty Ang, both of whom used tarpaulin as their bags' main component. With the help of the organisation Rags2Riches, these meaningful items supported communities and inspired creativity, all while helping make use of waste.

“It can serve as the perfect errand bag since it’s very easy to clean. This meaningful project allows us to enjoin the community to take part in minimising waste. At the same time, we are able to provide livelihood opportunities, most especially during the pandemic,” shares the Rockwell team.

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This year, Rockwell will once again be partnering with a local designer: Zarah Juan.

She titled her creations, "The Harvest Collection", having been inspired by her introspection and appreciation for the bounty that mother nature continued to bestow upon us despite our tumultuous last couple of years. “This is my diversion from our current situation brought about by the pandemic. Being confined at home gave me so much stress and anxiety. I had to gather all my strength and willpower to redirect my attention to what has remained good in our lives,” Juan reveals.

Tarp-To-Tote supported Juan’s artisans during this trying time and brought livelihood to small communities in the country too.

“We would like to support our own homegrown tenants in the mall, similar to what we’ve been doing the past few years where we partnered with our local brands, Aranaz and Patty Ang. Zarah Juan will be launching its first flagship store in the Philippines in October, and we’re very lucky and excited that it’s going to be with us,” the Rockwell team elaborates.  

“It is a dream come true for me to embark on this project because not only do I want to contribute to upcycling materials that have been discarded to lessen its impact on the environment, I have also committed to creating jobs for our artisans during the pandemic. Aside from the fact that designing makes me happy, I also feel fulfilled creating a bag that is useful during the pandemic. The Harvest bags are easy to sanitise, can hold essential items and are very unique in style,” Juan adds.

To Rockwell, promoting safe shopping experiences in their malls and lifestyle communities has been of the utmost importance. With this initiative, they hope to be able to help all their tenant partners promote their artisans’ talents, and deliver that same shopping experience that their patrons have grown accustomed to.

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To get your hands on Zarah Juan’s limited-edition bags, head over to Power Plant Mall, and Rockwell Center retail outlets at One Rock, 8 Rock, Joya, Manansala, Edades Retail or at

All you need to do is spend 50,000PHP on a single purchase or through accumulated receipts and present them to the Redemption Booth near Signet, with a valid ID. 


From September 27 until October 10, customers who spend 50,000PHP are entitled to one tote in any of the three limited edition colours: pink with a pineapple print, green with a mango print or blue with a mangosteen print.

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