The Giant Ricky Bag is located outside the Ralph Lauren boutique at Suria KLCC and will be on display until October 25.

The Giant Ricky Bag by Ralph Lauren is on its first-ever tour around Southeast Asia. It will be on display just opposite the Ralph Lauren Suria KLCC boutique until October 25.

This 113kg, six-foot-five, larger-than-life handbag is four times the size of the Soft Ricky Bag which is named after Ralph Lauren's wife.

The Giant Ricky Bag was worked on by four expert artisans and took approximately one month to be created. Modelled after the Soft Ricky Bag, this giant model also comes equipped with all the aunthentic details that made its predecessor famous like the lush Italian leather, key bell, grommets and functioning lock.

The Ricky Bag isn't to be messed with either; click here to see what it can really do for you.

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