Cover The Calibrate Runner in black and green

The Calibrate Runner with XETIC cushioning technology is a partnership with MIT Design Lab

With a history of competitive sports shoemaking, excellence has always been a key feature at Puma. As such, it comes as no surprise when the German sports brand teamed with MIT Design Lab to create a pair of sneakers that offer superior comfort and cushioning. Meet Calibrate Runner with XETIC technology.

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The combination of the Puma Innovation team's vision and MIT Design Lab's expertise created XETIC technology that melds mechanical cushioning with foam cushioning to provide the wearer what Puma describes as "deep cushioning".

And why the figure 8 shape that looks suspiciously like an alien's nest? That's because the design provides the best layered cushioning and adheres better to the auxetic principle compared to other patterns they tested. It also doesn't hurt that the design gives the sneakers an ultra-futuristic look.

The Calibrate Runner, which will be available in Malaysia in October, comes in three unique colours — white; black and green; and a retro 1990s-inspired colour blocking design. Due to the sneaker's striking midsole yet sleek top, it can be paired with a variety of styles, from contemporary to athleisure.

For a touch of elegance, Puma also partnered with Porsche for an exclusive Calibrate Runner collection targeted at those who appreciate a more polished look.

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