Privato by Wardrobe brings bespoke tailoring services right to the doorsteps of sartorial Malaysian men in Klang Valley.

Bespoke suits are one of the most coveted essentials in a man’s wardrobe and while we all love to wear these sartorial beauties, sometimes it is just too time-consuming to schedule-in the multiple appointments to make the suit at a tailor's atelier. That is the truth for those who seek bespoke tailoring in Malaysia until we discovered Wardrobe’s new 'Privato' service.

As Malaysia’s renowned bespoke tailoring house, Wardrobe has launched a new ‘by appointment tailoring’ service, named Privato, where patrons can indulge in the art of master tailoring at the leisure and comfort of their own home or office.

Aptly named Privato, meaning ‘private’ in Italian, Wardrobe aims to cater to busy entrepreneurs, directors and CEOs of our society who are busy building business empires and have barely enough time to eat a proper meal, let alone set aside time to make a trip down to the tailors.

CEO of Wardrobe Lim Fang Heng says, “We have a dedicated team of Master Tailors who will make personalised visits to our customer’s choice of venue to provide a full bespoke tailoring experience.”

At Privato, each visit starts with design consultation, fabric selection and record of measurements. From there, the master tailor will compile a brief for an overall design and look for the patron. Upon agreement, the Privato service will construct the suit according to the specifications and move on to the first fitting session. All these will be conducted at the patron’s preferred location.

After the first fitting, alterations will be made accordingly and followed by further fitting session, if necessary. Finally, the service concludes with the personal delivery of the customers’ bespoke suit, taking a total approximation of two to three weeks.

Following your first patronage with Privato, the process can be sped up as clients need only select the fabrics and Privato can tailor the desired suit, shirt or pants immediately using the existing measurements on record.

Lim enthused, “We foresee this service changing the perception of traditional bespoke tailoring in Malaysia. With PRIVATO, we bring fine tailoring to your doorstep.”

Privato is now available only in the Klang Valley, and will extend its services to cater to other states of Malaysia in the near future.

For more information on the upcoming locations, kindly visit or call +603 2282 6866 during working hours.

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