Looking to pick up some flirty undergarments (maybe even a little outside your comfort zone) to celebrate Valentine's Day? You might want to take note of these tips first. Jasmine Smith, founder of cool-girl lingerie brand Raven + Rose, breaks down the do's and don'ts of buying the sexy garment for your body type:

What's the best type of lingerie for different body types?

Females generally fall into five classic body shapes: Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Rectangle, Triangle–all of which lingerie is made for, but fits differently. If you're looking for styles that work perfectly on your individual proportions, here are some tips:

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Above The Addison Set (Photo: Courtesy of Raven + Rose)


Babe, work those curves! Look for briefs with a high rise leg and waistline. This will elongate the look of your legs as well as highlight your full hips and cinched waist.


Pears are generally soft and shapely, with a booty to be jealous of and a smaller bust. These proportions look delicious when partnered with a full brief and a fuller looking bra that evens out the proportions. 


Low slung panties are perfection on this body shape. Look for a knicker that sits straight along the lower hipline to add lush amounts of sexiness to the way you wear your lingerie.  


This quintessential tomboy body shape looks divine in nearly anything. Yet, put it in something very 'barely-there' and it can delicately carry the minimal look where most other body shapes will struggle.  


Deep-V necklines draw the eye in towards your bust and minimise your brand shoulders–a plunging bra is total perfection on this body shape and brings about a modern boudoir vibe to your curves. Pull in a more streamlined brief and your look will be completely on trend.

Tatler Asia
Above The Tiffany Set (Photo: Courtesy of Raven + Rose)

What are some misconceptions about lingerie?

That it should only be worn in anticipation of a hot night with your partner. Instead, lingerie can be worn as a type of intimate armor under your work clothes, to brunch on the weekends or when picking up your kids from school. It's the first thing you put on each morning, so it should be something that marks the mood of your day.

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If you want to feel strong, wear bold lines. If you're in a delicate mood, opt for a soft lace, and if you're heading to the boardroom, wear a power set, garter belt and all. Don't ever feel limited to just the bedroom.

Raven + Rose mostly does black lingerie, but what are some other colours that girls can consider?

Raven + Rose fans are pure devotees to midnight black because of its ultra bad-ass luxe appeal, but if you're looking for something more flirtatious, a deep wine or blush rose would work for you. For those who want something a little more fashionably edgy, try a burnt orange or mustard yellow for a very high-fashion look.

What’s the best way to clean/maintain your lingerie?

Lovingly wash your lingerie by hand with specialty fabric detergents. Or if you must put it in the washing machine, use a lingerie laundry bag to protect it. Whatever you do, never ever put it in the dryer.

And finally, what are some lingerie no-no’s?

An ill-fitted bra with a bust that spills over the top of the cup wreaks havoc on any outfit. Make sure you get fitted on a regular basis to avoid this. Just remember that it is more important to know the right lingerie shapes for your body as opposed to simply knowing your cup size as cup sizes do vary slightly from brand to brand.

Also, never buy something that doesn't feel like 'you'. Invest in your lingerie and wear pieces that you love from the moment you put them on. 

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