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Need new style inspiration? Read on to see some of the best outfits from Emily In Paris!

The new Netflix series has united Hodophiles and fashion enthusiasts with its remarkable stills of Paris' baroque architecture, a career-driven female protagonist, and her chic outfits. We see Emily Cooper's creativity every time she steps out of her front door.

The creative genius behind her chic outfits is none other than Patricia Field, Emily In Paris' costume designer. She also styled Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis from the iconic 90s show Sex And The City. Only this time, Emily's wardrobe includes various pieces by both classic and new designers in the industry, emulating Emily's bubbly personality.

In the first few episodes, we see that Emily is not afraid to play around with hues, just as she is unapologetically audacious when it comes to closing a deal. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is determined to succeed in the workplace and she's definitely dressed for it.

Browse through some of the show's best outfits:

Checkered Suit And Red Beret

Emily doesn't exactly blend in as she sits in class among her peers in the third episode. With a smile, she holds her pen, dressed in a black and white checkered suit. Since the outfit is a combination of neutral colours, it helps make the red beret stand out, completing the look. 

It's no surprise that this Veronica Beard suit had been featured since cubist Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, known for using black straight lines and other primary colours, also had his own adventures in Paris. 

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Florals In Bloom

Spring brings out Paris' beauty especially during daytime. The same goes for Emily when she's wearing her snazzy Dolce & Gabbana floral dress paired with the Rag & Bone field waist belt, as she sits on a bench within Jardin du Palais Royal. The added detail — the solid neon pink heels — juxtaposes her multicoloured off-shoulder dress.

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Dreamy Dior Pastels

Veering away from Emily's usual vibrant shades of pink, green, and blue, we see her sport this pastel pink Dior beret in the last episode. While the plot slows down toward the end of the show, the charming protagonist is garbed in softer hues. She pairs the Dior beret with another light-coloured tweed jacket.

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Little Black Dress

One glimpse at Lily Collins in a headpiece, sultry fur coat, and a long black dress would make someone take an immediate second glance. Considering Lily's admiration for the iconic Audrey Hepburn, it's not unlikely that she would pay her a little tribute through Emily.

To top it off, we can see Emily gracefully enter Palais Garnier, the same opera house Funny Face (starring Audrey Hepburn) was filmed in somewhere in the sixth episode.

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Too Much Pink

There's just no such thing as "too much pink" for Emily. Her wardrobe definitely consists of different shades of pink -- from coats to scarves. We can even see her wear just a hint of the shade throughout the show, whether it's a Kangol vintage blocked tropic bin bucket hat or a Chanel turtle neck. But finally, Emily wears layers of pink on the ninth episode.

Whichever pink piece it is — she glows in each and every one of them.

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Chanel Green Coat

The detail in Emily's outfit is everything 2020 needs. Most fashion brands released new styles in multiple shades of green starting with neon green. But this Chanel tweed coat perfectly compliments Emily's skin tone. She's also an obvious fan of the recent bucket hat craze and wears one in green plaid. 

The colour's association to youth conveniently portrays Emily's vigour in episode five.

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Frills and Plaids

Though this trend comes and goes, frills and ruffles have always been a part of the fashion scene (even before it extended into pop culture). But when paired with the right accessories, denim trousers, and plaid blazer, it can certainly become a staple look.

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Emily's wardrobe is bound by the show's costume designer, Patricia Field's, creativity. Nevertheless, these are outfits taken from the 2019 and 2020 fashion trends.

Apart from Emily's innate confidence, the clothes help empower her through her day-to-day ventures. And just like Emily, these style inspirations will empower your in your own journey towards success.