Cover Here are the most stylish looks from rising actress, Jeon Yeo-bin (Photo: Marie Claire)

We break down rising actress Jeon Yeo-bin's most stylish looks that prove why she's an up-and-coming fashion icon

Backed by an incredible performance in Vincenzo and Night in Paradise, an upcoming new drama on Netflix and a Baeksang Arts Award Best New Actress nomination, there's no stopping the rise of Jeon Yeo-bin (or Jeon Yeo-been). The actress has demonstrated her acting calibre, able to switch from dramatic, comedic, action and romance with a flick of a finger, causing many to become instantly smitten.

But more than her acting skills and bubbly personality, Jeon is also fast becoming a fashion icon that many are looking to for outfit inspiration—whether it's her power dressing in Vincenzo, her variety of hairstyles or her stylish set of black dresses.

We break down the actress' most fashionable looks that prove why she's the next big star when it comes to fashion.

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1. Power dressing

While others might be smitten by Song Joong-ki in Vincenzo, there are those who are more impressed by Jeon Yeo-bin's character and power dressing. The actress donned various different suits as the lawyer Hong Cha-young in the Netflix K-drama, showcasing numerous styles and ways to wear one.

Some of the standouts include her suit paired with a skirt, the pastel-coloured one, the creamy one white and the oversized piece that looks really comfortable yet chic. Her variety of stylish suits were amplified by dazzling jewellery pieces which also caught the attention of many viewers of the hit show.

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2. Girl next door

Beyond her power dressing in Vincenzo, Jeon Yeo-bin proves her versatile style by wearing casual and comfortable clothes that are still stylish. For instance, she wears a dramatic ruffled dress over an oversized sweater—a perfect combination of casual and elegant.

She also wears a simple Celine T-shirt with denim jeans and a sweater wrapped around the waist. She definitely gave off the girl next door vibes.

3. Cosy casual

We love how Jeon can rock a sexy casual and cool casual outfit. On one hand, she wears an oversized sweater that looks really comfortable but at the same time, sexy. Over at Night in Paradise, she dons a jacket over a hoodie while she wields a gun. Now, that's cool.

We love a woman who can do both—and more.

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4. Beautiful in hanbok

Even her Vincenzo co-star, Song Joong-ki praised Jeon for her beautiful visuals when she wore a hanbok in one of the episodes, telling her that she should do a sageuk (historical drama). Jeon's elegant white hanbok is simple yet beautiful and definitely enough to get heads turning.

5. Sleek black and chic white

When looking at Jeon's most stylish looks, we noticed black is a staple in her outfits—a go-to colour for everything, whether it's casual, formal or at home. On a number of occasions, Jeon wore dresses in black across a variety of designs such as off-shoulder, baby doll, long-sleeve fitted or V-neck loose.

She also likes to wear white and looks both chic and elegant.

6. A variety of hairstyles

We admire Jeon for not being afraid to experiment with a variety of hairstyles. While most remember her long locks in Vincenzo, she now has a new short hairstyle for her upcoming series, Glitch. She also had medium-length and "lazy" hair in Night in Paradise but was also able to rock wavy hair in Be Melodramatic. Who's to say she doesn't look great when her hair is tied up too whether it's a preppy tie, a lazy bun or a loose low pony.


7. Experimental style

This look from one of Vincenzo's episodes is one of the few times that we see her character (and her) wear something so casual and she looks great in it. The green beanie is a definite stand out but the overalls also look so comfortable and easy to move in.

Power dressing? Check. Hanbok? Check. Lazy overalls with a beanie? Check that too.

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