An essential guide to the different types of ties   #A.Lange&Söhne Ties are often the finishing touch for a gentlemen’s outfit that can help distinguish him from the crowd. With so many options to choose from, read our essential guide to choosing the right tie for every occasion, and be prepared to get noticed.

1. The basics

A good tie should match your physical build and clothing style. Pay attention to its length and width—the tie should be no wider than 3 to 3.75 inches (7.5 to 9.5 cm) for an average-sized man, and be long enough to reach your belt buckle. 

Besides your own frame, ensure that the width of the tie also matches the size of the lapels of your suit jacket or blazer.

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2. Colours and patterns

For a sophisticated look, opt for a semi-solid or lightly patterned tie to match with a solid-coloured suit. If you intend to stand out, contrast your shirt with a boldly coloured tie.

The key to wearing patterned ties is to make sure that the pattern does not clash with what's already on the clothing (stripes with dots, rather than stripes on stripes).

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3. Tie knot styles

The type of shirt collar must also be considered when choosing your tie knot. Wide spread collars are best worn with a Half or Full Windsor Knot, while point collars are best paired with a Four in Hand Knot.

Do keep in mind that bigger tie knots require more tie, while smaller knots require less. Formal occasions such as weddings or important meetings call for a Half or Full Windsor Knot, while less formal events like cocktail parties are fine for the Four In Hand Knot.

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