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Harry Styles isn't afraid to experiment with fashion and it's a notable quality that has left us all in awe as he shatters gender barriers by wearing dresses, skirts, pearls, and makeup

"I think fashion's supposed to be fun," English singer and songwriter Harry Style said while donning a stunning sheer Gucci outfit during an interview with Liza Koshy at the Met Gala. It's apparent that Harry has not shied away from experimenting with fashion. His playfulness knows no bounds, not even gender norms. Since then, Harry has donned several iconic looks that continue to make headlines worldwide. 

But here are some of our most favourite looks from Harry Styles:

1. Leather And Feather Boa

During Harry's performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards, the Grammy nominee donned a custom Gucci leather suit. Completing this sultry and gender-bending look is the feather boa he wore around his neck as he sang his hit song  "Watermelon Sugar".

2. Gucci Lace Jumpsuit, Gloves, And Pearl Necklace

While lace is traditionally a staple in women's fashion, Harry wears a jumpsuit made completely with lace from Gucci and completes the look with a pearl necklace at The BRIT Awards 2020. "Tailoring has been an important part of Harry’s wardrobe for some time now. We’ve never been afraid to experiment with silhouette, and tonight is no exception," Harry Lambert, Harry's stylist shared in an interview.

3. Comme des Garçons Shirt And Dress

The frills definitely have to be one of Harry's favourites as he's worn this particular style in different ways. "I want things to look a certain way. Not because it makes me look gay, or it makes me look straight, or it makes me look bisexual, but because I think it looks cool," Harry shared in an interview. And if a shirt and dress from Comme des Garçons are chic to Harry, he'll definitely give it a try.

4. Wales Bonner Kilted Skirt

Apart from the iconic Vogue cover portraying Harry in a blue dress and a blazer, Harry also wore a chic kilted skirt from Wales Bonner's Fall 2020 collection. Although this might look silly for those who have seen it for the first time, one should also consider that skirts were primarily created for both men and women. In fact, the kilt is still being worn by men in Scotland.

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5. Nail Polish

Depending on the event or the music video, Harry will often paint his nails according to the appropriate aesthetic. Usually, he experiments with the colours just as often as he'd experiment with clothes. But Harry's "go-to shade" for nail polish is definite mint green as Jenny Longworth, celebrity manicurist, shared.

6. Gucci Beauty Makeup

For Beauty Papers' eighth issue, Harry wears Gucci Beauty make-up as well as lipstick from Rouge à Lèvres Mat. With a bit of contour and natural eyeshadow, the make-up truly highlighted Harry's features. He also appeared in a video directed by Casper Sejersen while wearing a bespoke suit from Gucci. 

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7. Fishnet Stockings And Gucci Loafers

Another edgy and iconic look from Harry had surfaced after a photoshoot for Beauty Papers magazine. Laidback, Harry sits on a chair with his legs crossed while only wearing fishnet stockings and a pair of heeled Gucci loafers. Once again, Harry has shown that fashion can be limitless if you're not afraid to experiment.

8. Sheer Frilled Blouse And Gucci Pearl Earring

Harry's most unforgettable fashion moment would have to be when he stunned the crowd at the Met Gala wearing a sheer frilled black blouse and Gucci pearl earring. It was also the first time Harry pierced his ears. It was truly an iconic moment.

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