Adorable animals deserve only the cutest. Give them the best with these accessories that have been made for your best friend!

From bow ties to tags, to neckerchiefs and bags — these are all the goodies that deserve to be on your pooch's list this coming month! Check out new releases and crowd favourites from stores that can deliver straight to your door. 

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Exciting new things are coming from Carried exclusively by Pet Warehouse, is a brand that redefines pet accessories with their zany designs and fun colour patterns. Owners can forget about the dilemma of boring old leashes, harnesses, or pet toys because elevates all the usual tricks and treats that you furry friend enjoys. Check out their fun patterned leashes and harnesses that are available for smaller pooches and larger pups! 

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2. Chuyo Paws Essentials

Is it just us or have bandanas suddenly become all the rage? We can't blame anyone — they're insanely adorable on any type of animal! Pick one up for your best friend at Chuya Paws Essentials. They carry lots of fun colourful prints that your dog or cat will surely love. 

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3. Pupper Knots

Bow ties are the perfect accessory for every good boy and girl out there — and no one knows this better than Pupper Knots. Their bows can be worn on a puppy's head or around their neck, it's completely up to you. Avail of them in patterns, monochrome, or even in a crochet pattern! 

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4. Ligaya Pet Collars

Ligaya Pet Collars offers minimalist yet vibrant collars to match both dogs and cats. Handwoven from paracord (a lightweight type of nylon), these collars are easy, breathable, and incredibly stylish. 

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5. Pawdel

Pawdel offers pet mums and dads a wide array of accessories that include collars, name tags, neckerchiefs, and bow ties. Two of their more popular products, however, are their personalised name tags and collars made from a rainbow of elegant colours. The timeless design of each piece makes it perfect for any animal, not just dogs! 

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6. Paw Tagz

Proudly made local, these "paw tags" are an adorable addition to any collar. They're easily customisable and come in a variety of shapes and designs. Inspired by nature, some variants have trees or compass sketches. The brand also carries an "ocean tag" which is reminiscent of waves upon the surf — perfect for adventurous animals or beach babes who miss their natural habitat. 

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7. Barkist And Co.

Need to pack light? Barkist And Co.'s doggo bag is sure to fit only the most important essentials. It comes in three versatile colours — black, navy blue, and maroon — so it's easy to pair with your pup (or your outfit!). 

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Out for a walk? Dress your dog in an adorable collar cozy and matching lead! Woven and dyed by hand, these accessories from Pooch are sure to make your pup the most dapper dog in the park!

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