Yes, we got our very own TV show, and one of our closest Tatler friends star in the second episode

We're delighted to announce that our collaboration with Channel NewsAsiaAccess, has materialised in a 10-episode TV series titled, 'Remarkable Living'.

Each episode begins with three stories of lifestyle visionaries and unwavering artisans and ends with a final story featuring a collector of these artisanal creations, who naturally, is a Singapore Tatler friend too. We will be dropping each episode's segment on the collectors, starting with Shinji Yamasaki in the debut episode and Peggy Jeffs in the second one. 

Now, Peggy has been making heads turn since she was young. Beautiful and vivacious, the society fixture has a quirky sense of style and has boldly admitted that casual does not exist in her dress code. She’s a maximalist, she says, whether it’s in her dressing, her makeup or her choice of headgear, and gravitates towards all things loud and proud.

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In fact, she treats dressing up as an art form, pulling off looks with ease and a sense of what’s most flattering, including sporting her favourite colours red and gold. And not the pale gold, but “the real gold”—which she was decked head to toe in, at the Singapore Tatler Ball 2018. She said: “I never feel awkward even if I were to dress a bit over the top.”

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Peggy chairs numerous fundraising gala committees, including the Singapore Red Cross, Breast Cancer Foundation and last year, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, where the theme 'A Night in Brazil' and guests naturally arrived in spectacular headdresses. 

This year, she will chair the Singapore Red Cross 70th Anniversary Benefit Gala. 

Her jaw-dropping collection of more than 100 headpieces, includes a stunning red snake hat and a charming piece named Octopus, made by famed milliner Tatiana Henderson-Stewart (seen in the first picture). Some of her hats are crafted by Kristine Hakim, one of only a handful of established milliners in Singapore.

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I never feel awkward even if I were to dress a bit over the top.
Genevieve Peggy Jeffs

Peggy often works with Kristine to create one-of-a-kind designs, and even brings some of her vintage hats for her to restore. Hakim, who trained in Paris under French fashion designer and grand couturier Dominique Sirop, started a career in millinery because she couldn’t find what she wanted in the market, so she decided to make them herself. The self-confessed costume lover adores set designs “in particular the stuff, or style from ’40s and ’50s”. 

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Of Peggy she said: “She is stylish, with a style that nobody else has, and she also has an air about her [such] that she is able to go around wearing the most ridiculous hat but she still looks amazing. It’s her confidence that actually impresses people.”

Growing up, Jeffs was greatly inspired by her sister Kim Lim, once a top model, and her grandmother, the late Queeny Chang, author of Memories of a Nonya. She said: “I [would look at] my older sister’s dressing; and my grandmother, who was Dutch-educated—I always remember seeing her with a big orchid.” They were her style icons, she says.

Kristine added: “I think her style is very eclectic, she has [the] spirit of old glamour—Hollywood glamour—and she carries that very well”.

Peggy confesses that she used to like Isabella Blow’s style, especially in the way she styled herself and how she carried her headgear. But does anyone else influence her style? She was quick to add: “I don’t think anyone can influence my style—not [my] headgear, not [my] dressing. No. I have very strong opinions [about] what I want.

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Access is a collaboration between Singapore Tatler and CNA Luxury.

Catch full episodes of 'Remarkable Living' on Channel NewsAsia, Sundays at 7pm.

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