The stylish handbag is reborn in a range of colours and sizes

Seen on the arms of Olivia Lee-Davies, Lynn Hsieh and a number of other stylish socialites, the peekaboo’s classic, sleek design and modern aesthetic make it a runaway hit with the bag available in a range of luxurious materials ­­– think crocodile, ostrich, and snakeskin, ensuring that there is something to suit all tastes.

Fendi’s resilience in the marketplace comes down to it’s ability to stay ahead of the curve, with the introduction of a full size range, capitalising on the popularity of miniature handbags with the Mini Peekaboo, or introducing its popular ‘bag bug’ accessories, for example.

For the pre-Autumn 2015 collection, the peekaboo has been reimagined with a revised structure and new material. Made from Vitello Seta, special leather that is both durable and scratch resistant, the material is also soft and lightweight, a plus for a handbag that was sometimes deemed too heavy. Additionally, the leather provides the bag with a chic ‘draping’ effect, ideal for the style and design of the peekaboo.