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With less than 100 days until the Tokyo Olympics, the excitement for the world's most anticipated sporting tournament is almost palpable. Here's a preview of some of the athletes' uniforms.

Postponed since last year, athletes around the world have been busy getting ready for the Summer Olympics that is scheduled to start on July 23. In anticipation of the Games, many national teams have been proudly revealing—or re-revealing—their stylish uniforms, emblazoned with colours of their countries' flags or familiar motifs. Featuring designs by Lacoste, North Face and Polo Ralph Lauren among others, this is a list of the stylish fits we can expect to see. 

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1. Malaysia

In Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei's heartwarming post, it was revealed that the badminton star has been sent Team Malaysia's Olympics uniform by Yonex—complete with a tiger-striped mask—despite his retirement in June 2019. A new generation of Malaysian athletes will be competing in the upcoming Games, including Lee Zii Jia and our January cover star and gymnast, Farah Ann.

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2. USA

On July 23 last year, Polo Ralph Lauren unveiled their One-Year-Out collection with proceeds going towards Team USA, as they continued to train for the postponed Olympic Games. The Team USA outfitter, who was also behind the uniforms at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, revealed their latest designs for this year's closing ceremony.

A minimalist white jacket with blue collars and hoods with a large American flag on the arm is accompanied with signature polo shirts and matching white trousers with a diagonally flag-striped belt.

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3. Australia

Team Australia recently debuted their green and gold Olympic uniforms by Asics. The shirts under the jackets, designed by Olympic super featherweight boxer and indigenous artist Paul Fleming, incorporate symmetrical designs of Japanese origami with 52 pairs of footsteps emerging from the centre, as a tribute to the indigenous athletes who have competed at the Games, representing Australia

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4. Russia

As a consequence of the doping scandal from 2016, the Russian team will not be participating at the Games under their flag. Instead, they will be a 'neutral' team—sporting red, white and blue in abstract colour blocks across the front and the Russian Olympic Committee's logo.

Their uniforms by ZASPORT will also be available to their supporters and the general public. 

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5. Taiwan

Made from recycled fibre and dyed with eco-friendly pigments, Taiwan's Summer Olympics uniform is all about being sustainable. Inspired by different symbols of national significance, such as Baiyue or the 100 mountain peaks in Taiwan, the bold blue uniform also  features Team Taipei's plum blossom badge.

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6. France

The two distinctive animal logos of Lacoste and Le Coq Sportif are displayed prominently on Team France's official uniform. Sleek, stylish and comfortable, the entire ensemble is coordinated in blue, red and white, right down to the socks and shoes. 

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7. South Korea

North Face went for minimalist and monochromatic for Team South Korea's sportswear this year. 

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8. Finland

Icepeak has designed the Finnish national team's uniform with mesh detailing and paint strokes of sea blue on the sports parkas quarter-zips and T-shirts.

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9. Canada

Causing a stir online is Team Canada's spin on the 'Canadian Tuxedo' for their Olympics uniform. Hudson Bay teams up with Levi's to craft the jeans jacket, with eye-catching patches on the front and graffiti splashed across the back in black and red. Under this untraditional outerwear are more muted red-and-white pieces, including a warm-up jacket, striped track pants and a T-shirt with a simple maple leaf graphic. 

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