Cover On Stephanie: The North Face x Gucci silk shirt and nylon skirt, with leather sandals with Double G detailing. On Ara: The North Face x Gucci cotton sweatshirt.

Stephanie Er, owner of Sugarfin and the host of her own podcast channel Arch, had the perfect accessory for our The North Face x Gucci shoot—her ‘70s off-road truck, an “ongoing project of love”

“This look embodies Gucci. I love the high-waisted puffer skirt and the floral print on shirt and how it really adds to the ‘70s vibe, which goes so well with this ‘70s truck,” enthuses Stephanie Er who worked with her florist to create foliage on her vehicle for this shoot. Together with her daughter, Ara Chi, the stylish pair spent the morning with us togged up in The North Face x Gucci collection. 

This year, what adventures are you seeking, be it literal expeditions or metaphorical explorations?

Stephanie Er (SE) I don’t seek adventure per se, it just always happens. When travel is permitted again, I’ll go back to Tokyo or Los Angeles. I usually head there once or twice a year with Ara—it's our alone time. We bond, explore, hike and go on road trips. During our last trip to Tokyo, we walked 10km a day on foot: it was great.

This year, I also want to progress, work-wise. I have grand plans for my café Sugarfin and my podcast channel Arch, and I want take it to the next level. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s to seize the day, as corny as it sounds.

If 2020 taught me anything, it’s to seize the day, as corny as it sounds.

Tell us about your new truck. 

SE I have a passion for trucks and this is my first truck. I got it from a classic car dealer, and when I first this, it was a scrap car, a rare rugged off-road vehicle from the 70s.

I reached out to my friends in Taiwan who modifies G Wagons. Now we have a group chat where I’ll take photos of the car parts I need, and he will source and send the parts over.

It’s an ongoing project of love, and I will slowly build it up. We painted the car in a custom yellow; we did the upholstering. It’s not done yet, I’m still waiting for the canvas to come in and there will be a Jerrycan at the back too.

I love that it was something delict and now it's given a new lease of life and ready for new adventures. It was meant for the military and now it’s a family car with a young child and dogs. It’s a pickup truck so I’m thinking of placing beanbags in the back, so Ara and I can park the car by the beach, have a little picnic and just enjoy the car.

“I appreciate that the big puffy jacket is styled with a comfy oversized t-shirt. I see myself letting Ara cuddle up with me in it when we travel in future.”

We absolutely love the way that you have dressed Ara through the years! 

SE Oh, Ara is a little princess. She only wants to dress in tutus, rainbows, and sequins. We have a rule: at home, she can wear all the princess outfits she likes, but when we go out, I get to pick her outfits. So she basically has like two wardrobes, haha!

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How about your style? 

SE I’ve always been adventurous with my style: be it my wardrobe or my hair. I get bored with myself; it might have something to do with my ADHD. I like change, and recognise that change is the only constant. If you embrace it and don’t hate on it, then anything that comes at you in life will be easier to handle. I almost had to close my café last year and of course, it was tough. But once I made that mental switch, my mindset changed as well, where I saw it as one challenge after another instead.

The North Face x Gucci collection for men and women comprises ready-to-wear, soft accessories, luggage and shoes, as well as some more unexpected pieces linked to the outdoor world of The North Face, such as tents and sleeping bags. Available at the Gucci Paragon boutique from January 11, 2021. 

  • PhotographyDarren Gabriel Leow
  • StylingJoey Tan
  • HairGreg Oh
  • Make-UpShaun Lee
  • Photographer's AssistantEric Tan