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The Miss Universe Malaysia 2019 finalist and Miss Habib 2019 balances her busy schedule as a business student and a celebrity in style

A natural in front of the camera, Nikita Menon requires minimal direction at the photoshoot in the living area of her family home. The 23-year-old is also effortlessly stylish, with the ability to transition a single outfit from one look to another with the right accessories. For instance, her crisp white jumpsuit goes from casual tropical to evening chic by changing out nude heels with a pair of dark stilettoes. 

Let's hear more from her about how she manages to keep her stylish front.

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How would you describe your style?

"I have a combination of styles. For colours, it ranges from white and earthy tones to prints and multi-coloured pieces. I guess you could say I have no middle ground; it’s either subtle and simple or full-on flamboyant. I love long silhouettes and irregular geometric shapes with soft edges because it accentuates my height."

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What do you enjoy most about dressing up?

"I love to mix and match pieces. I love to switch things up by using older items like something from my high school days and pair them with a new accessory."

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Do you feel the pressure to change your style now that you're a beauty queen?

"I think the pressure is to ensure I don’t stray from who I am – especially since being in the pageant. I'm now more confident with my own style."

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Is there a style trend that you dislike?

"Saggy trousers!"

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Any style tip that you'd like to share?

"Be true to yourself. By all means, be experimental and go for what you love."

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Do you have a style motto?

Swipe from up to down to see how Nikita changes her day to night look. 

"If you like it, buy it or you'll regret later."

How Nikita Style Her Jumpsuit For Day

How Nikita Style Her Jumpsuit For Night

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