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A list of clutch and mini bags perfect for evening nights.

Whether it's an evening out with your friends, date night with the love of your life or a Gatsby extravaganza, picking out the perfect clutch or mini bag can be challeging. To make your life a little bit easier on evening nights, we've rounded up some of our top favourites and ideal mini bags you need to have in your closet right now. 

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Lady Dior

Embroided with blooming flowers, the Lady Dior by Dior creates a stellar twist to the original bag. The patterned strap adds an edgy element making it a fun and bold statement. The versatile bag goes exquisitely with any evening or cocktail dresses. Strut the night with this stunningly crafted bag and you'll have eyes turning.  

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Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

Inspired by the Maison Trunks, Louis Vuitton crafted the Petite Malle as a contemporary choice of arm candy. A blend of the classic Monogram canvas with hints of lustrous embossed patent leather and the traditional, hardware style, the Petite Malle brings out gracefulness for your look from day to night. The decadent Louis Vuitton bag can be used as a clutch, cross body or shoulder bag. Give a pop of colour to your style with the Petite Malle! 

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Chanel Pleated Bag

The dreamy pleated black design mixed with the dainty gold straps and iconic Chanel initials, formed the most flawless little black bag. Whether it's a casual family's dinner or a gala, the Chanel Pleated bag goes well with all kinds of look. You can even use it during the day, styling it up with a white t-shirt and jeans. It's the ultimate statement for any fashion look. 

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Fendi Mini Baguette

Let's take a flashback to the roaring 20's when sequins, glitter and elaborate parties were iconic. This Fendi Mini Baguette brings back timeless fashion from the flapper’s era with its bold, purple sequins and gold metal hardware. It is a beautiful, iridescent mini bag, idyllic for any Great Gatsby inspired lavish parties. 

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Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet

Be the star of the night, dazzling around this metallic leather bag with the classic Yves Saint Laurent initials. The Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet, is a golden hour beauty and a staple bag to carry around anywhere. You can remove the strap to make it a clutch or keep the strap on to make a more effortless look. But, without a doubt, you'll grace any party with elegance and style.

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Gucci Dionysus Mini Leather Chain Bag

Inspired by the Greek god Dionysus, Gucci crafted the Dionysus bag with a refined taste. The tiger head spur closure established the perfect uniqueness for the bag. For those who love silver hardware, the Gucci Dionysus serves to please you. The Gucci Dionysus Mini Leather Chain Bag comes in a variety of colours, but the navy blue is a top favourite. It's a gorgeous, classy evening bag! 

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The Chic Initiatives Florence Saffiano Leather Bag

The Florence Saffiano Leather Bag by The Chic Initiative bids ode to the founder's love for Renaissance Art. The sublime and dainty, gold metal strap accentuates the bag perfectly for a night out. The luminescent elements of the glittery gold create an exquisite silhouette for your look. The local brand is flourishing with the Renaissance collection! 

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