Louis Vuitton's fall-winter 2021 collection is all about time-travelling back to the Greco-Roman period

While artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière was unable to have his packed runway show at the Louvre this season, it didn't stop him from using this historic setting as inspiration for the collection, specifically the museum's remarkable array of Greek, Etruscan and Roman sculptures.

Ghesquière also invites audiences to time travel through the collaborative designs featuring illustrations by Italian artist Fornasetti from its 13,0000-piece archive in Milan. The iconic Italian ceramic atelier is best known for surrealist drawings of mythic figures on plates. Models wearing futuristic gladiator boots strutted through the halls of the Louvre, with drawings of ancient statues are printed on luscious velvet dresses and fleece hoodies, oversized outerwear find Fornasetti images stamped in gold. A hint of of glittering tunics can be seen under boyish jackets or paired with tutus. 

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"I am particularly drawn to the way Fornasetti re-explored and reworked the heritage of classicism and ancient Rome, adding new references to historical imagery," says Ghesquière in a statement. "As a designer who always loved fashion's ability to evoke the past, present and future simultaneously, I wanted to add new layers to this creative palimpsest."

Indeed, the ability to overtly draw from and put a spin on historical references has always been a signature of Ghesquière's, who co-hosted the 2020 Met Gala when the theme was “About Time: Fashion and Duration,” and whose last fall show had 200 choral singers clothed in historical garb dating from the 15th century to 1950.