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Fashion influencer Jessica Wang has been setting trends since she first stepped in front of a camera and created her website, NotJessFashion, in 2014. Through her years in the limelight, she has curated a digital presence that’s truly envy-inducing, and one that reflects her ability to become a one-stop destination for aspirational fashion and lifestyle content that’s elevated yet accessible.

Her website amply showcases her talents, demonstrating a knack for styling complete with tips and tricks on how to look effortless no matter the style. Constantly challenging new trends and exploring ways to make fashion fun as well as wearable for any occasion, New York-based Wang has amassed over 4.8 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million fans on Instagram. 

And while she has perfected her digital presence, it hasn’t stopped her from expanding her repertoire.

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Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Tianjin, China and moved to the US when I was 16. I’m a digital influencer, entrepreneur, and a mother of two little girls, Hazel & Capri. I’m blessed to have built an incredibly engaging Instagram and TikTok audience where I share daily fashion and beauty inspiration as well as styling and tech/editing videos.

How did you become an influencer?

In 2014, I was looking for a creative outlet outside of my corporate job in investment banking. It was two very different worlds and I spent my nights and weekends focusing on my website. As my audience and brand collaborations started to grow, I decided to take a leap of faith and haven’t looked back since.

When did your fashion influencer career take off?

I think things really took a turn for me around 2016/17. I was seeing a lot of audience growth and began working with large national brands. Navigating growth and sustainability is always a difficult process when you take on a new endeavour. Work-life balance is probably the most difficult for me, but as with anything, it takes time to course correct and adjust.

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How did you choose the brands or projects to work with?

I strive to only work with brands that I truly love and feel like it is a good cohesive fit. Some of the criteria I look at is whether or not I already use the brand, if I’ve worked with them before, what their goals are, if I'm truly invested in their products, and if it makes sense for the current direction of my brand and business.

What does it mean to be influential today?

To be influential today means you’re innovative, relevant, and responsible. There's something about you that others see as significant and important—and they look to you for advice, inspiration, and encouragement. The goal of my social media platforms is to inform, educate, and inspire.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered and what’s been the most rewarding thing?

The biggest challenge is balancing my professional and personal life. The most rewarding is being able to meet amazing people, traveling to places I would have never imagined seeing, and experiencing different cultures.

What are some misconceptions people have about your job?

The biggest misconception is that the job is fun, easy, and glamorous. However, every part of it entails so much planning, effort, strategising, and seemingly neverending hours. I haven’t had a full day off in years!

What’s the creative process behind all your content?

My creative process is quite simple. It involves brainstorming, creating moodboards, and location scouting. 

What criteria govern the landscape of your social media influence?

I always try to approach content and social media with a fresh perspective. I often try to do things I haven’t seen others do before or try to do something that has been done in a completely different way. But my niche will always be fashion, beauty, travel, home and tech.

How important is it for your content to be inclusive?

As a minority working in the US, inclusivity and diversity is so important to me. Aside from fashion and tech/photography tips, I try to use my platform to share a fresh perspective and raise awareness on politics, current world events, and ongoing issues in our world today.

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How has living in the US shaped the way you create content yet still sticking to your roots?

The beauty of being in the US is that it’s so diverse. I’ve met so many different people and it’s definitely broadened my perspective. I’m Chinese and love my rich culture and heritage. I love having the opportunity and freedom to blend my cultural values and customs with modern content and Western influences.

Where do you draw the line when displaying your life on social media?

I really value my personal and family time and will make a conscious effort to shut off completely. I don’t have a specific strategy, but after doing this for so long, it’s become instinctual when things are appropriate or inappropriate to share.

What can we see in the future from you?

I’m so honoured that my audience comes to me for advice and loves what I share. For now, you can expect to see evolving content that’s both practical and entertaining for my community. If my TikTok and Reels are any indication, then I’d say this is just the beginning.

What advice would you give to someone who's trying to become a social media influencer?

I say this all the time but having a unique perspective and distinct point of view is so important, especially now that the influencer landscape has become so saturated. Also, work hard, be kind, and stay true to yourself and your passions.

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