Cover MSCHF's latest creation is "Birkinstock", sandals made from Hermès Birkin bags (Image: MSCHF)

MSCHF is back with its clever creations, this time, it's "Birkinstock" which are Birkenstocks made from destroyed Hermès Birkin bags

MSCHF, the Brooklyn collective, returns with its clever consumer culture renditions. This time, it's taken a twist on Birkenstocks and Birkin bags to create "Birkinstocks". The latest creation is made from destroyed Hermès Birkin bags with prices ranging from US$34,000 to US$76,000 depending on the level of Birkin bag used.

MSCHF is the creator of the viral "Jesus Shoes", taking the Air Max 97's air midsole and filling it with 60cc of Holy Water taken from the River Jordan, complete with a seal that is modified from the official Papal Seal. As if that wasn't enough, there was also a crucifix on the shoelaces and an inscription of Matthew 14:25 on the toe box.

"Birkinstock" is the follow-up of its viral release and taking its creation to new heights. According to their manifesto on their website, the collective wanted to make luxury objects out of other complete objects as an additional step to increase retail value.

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They also cited that luxury products use valuable materials and these materials derive value from their place in history and culture. In today's world, Birkin bags are seen as equivalent to gold which is no longer just the basis of currency. Birkin bags are the new luxury raw material.

To craft the innovative production, genuine Birkin bags are first disassembled, flattened, then cut into a pattern. It will then be assembled with a Birkenstock cork footbed and rubber sole. All "Birkinstocks" are made by hand and each piece is a bespoke product. Rather than a collaboration, MSCHF sees their creation as transubstantiation since neither Hermès nor Birkenstock is part of the process. A video of the manufacturing process is available on their official website.

Some of the iterations of the "Birkinstocks" include using a Hermès Porposus Birkin 35 bag, a Hermès Clemence Birkin 35 bag and a Hermès Ostrich Birkin 35 bag. The sandals come in an orange box similar to a Hermès packaging.

Want to get your own? MSCHF's "Birkinstock" sandals are available for purchase online.

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