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As the fashion director of Hong Kong Tatler, Justine Lee regularly attends Fashion Weeks in Paris and works closely with the city's fashion-forward faces for the magazine's style pages. We sit down with the fashion enthusiast to talk shop, where she scores her stylish pieces and what she has her eye on for the coming season from Moda Operandi.

Where do you shop most of the time?

A big part of my job is keeping an eye on what’s new, what’s available in stores, and new things that are popping up. I’m a big online shopper actually. Usually after work or on the weekends, I try to steer clear from stores and just spend time doing other things. As a result, I shop online a lot, and in recent months, I’m spending more and more time browsing on apps. It’s the best! 

What sets Moda Operandi apart from the other online platforms you shop on?

Trunkshows! Being able to order things straight off the runway—isn’t that every fashion-savvy woman’s dream? I was in Paris earlier this month and attended shows like Alessandra Rich, Poiret (Yi Qin Yin’s debut collection for the label) and Loewe—and you could shop the collection right away on Moda Operandi, while everything is still fresh on your mind.

Another brand that Moda Operandi has just launched for Trunkshows is Prada, which was one of my favourite shows from Milan. 

How do you go about discovering new brands?

I think if you ask this question to a lot of fashion insiders, journalists and buyers, they will tell you more and more they are discovering new brands on social media. In particular, Instagram—it’s a great visually-driven platform where you can get the gist of a brand almost instantaneously.

A lot of it is also spent on e-tailer platforms with editorial content as well as digital platforms of magazines.

Styles you’re going to shop for in FW18?

Tweed outerwear—it’s not necessarily a trend, but more of a Fall/Winter essential, but I feel like next season is the right time to be investing in the wardrobe staple. I’m always on the lookout for new animal prints, and there are a lot of good python and leopard options for the coming season. And for evening, it’s safe to say anything that’s KiraKira friendly is OK in my books.

What are the top five Ready-to-Wear Trunkshows you are shopping on Moda Operandi right now?

Scroll through the slideshow below to find out which Trunkshows I'm loving and why.

How about when it comes accessories? 

Scroll through the slideshow below to find out what accessories I've got my eye on.

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