Cover Louis Vuitton made a record-breaking $22 million in sales this August (Photo: Getty Image)

The French fashion house made a record-breaking US$22 million in sales this month after a significant drop in revenue in the first half of the year

Louis Vuitton’s largest store in Shanghai experienced a record-breaking boost in earnings, putting the French fashion house on pace to make sales history in spite of a drop in sales during the early phase of Covid-19.

According to a WWD report, it’s believed that the Louis Vuitton flagship earned the highest monthly sales figure in China’s history with over US$22 million in sales in August alone, a figure that would typically sit somewhere closer to $11 million and $13 million.

The sky high sales figure is said to be due to the Qixi festival and citizens not being able to travel internationally this summer due to Covid-19 restrictions, although the Maison’s recent men’s spring 2021 show that was held in person in Shanghai at the start of the month is thought to be another driving factor, which highlighted the recent changes in how global fashion weeks will function moving forward.

According to a press release on the Louis Vuitton website, the show was deliberately set in Shanghai to represent a “free and inclusive dialogue between the Maison and its audiences.” The new initiative taken by the brand aims to dismiss the former rules of fashion and seasonality in favour of a new, sustainable initiative.

“My shows will now travel the world, the beginning and end of season won't be on the invite,” men's designer Virgil Abloh said to WWD in an earlier statement. “It's one continuous flow that has a little bit of the new and some things you've seen before. And philosophically, when it comes to the sustainability idea, I'm starting to collapse all the seasons into one.”

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