Cover Nikolaj Schnoor, global CCO and managing director of APAC for Lindberg (Photo: Lindberg)

Nikolaj Schnoor, global CCO and managing director of APAC of Danish eyewear label Lindberg shares his top tips on choosing and preserving your daily frames

What are some common mistakes people make when buying glasses?

Fit is the most important thing. Often I see glasses that either sit too low or too high on the face and or are either too big or too small. It's so important to have the correct nose pads fit and the arms at the right temple length. Our glasses have adjustable frames and allows the opticians to tailor fit eyewear to fit each we wearer and there are different temple lengths as well as adjustable nose pads designs available which further improves the fitting and comfort.

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What are some tips/ ways people can know the glasses fit properly?

First, select a front style and size that harmonise with the shape of your face. Then select a front frame that is the right size for the face and make sure the temples don’t touch the sides of the face as it would cause discomfort.

The top of the frame should not be higher than the eyebrow. This provides a better wearing experience and a balanced aesthetic. The eyewear shouldn’t slide down the nose. The length of the temples should be based on the distance from the ear to the face.

Eyelashes should not brush against the lenses. This would cause discomfort to the lashes and dirty the lenses, which will affect a clean sight. The cheeks should not touch the bottom of the frame, otherwise the cheeks will be prone to rubbing which causes discomfort and smudging of the lenses.

Lindberg has been worn by notable politicians and business magnates. What are some interesting requests/concerns they often have?

We're glad that our products are adored by many renowned people and we have many interesting stories to share. The head of a notable Italian luxury fashion brand ordered 15 pieces of identical air titanium rim glasses. The Queen of Denmark, a loyal supporter, likes to wear her glasses is slightly different and prefers it with a tilted angle so we customised it for her. 

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What are some special features that are new in the upcoming collection?

The inspiration for this season is inseparable from architecture. Henrik Lindberg’s background as an architect has led the product design direction for the brand. This season, the product design is not limited to taking reference to architectural design but implementing the concept of it. We compare the relationship between eyewear on the face in relationship between buildings and natural surroundings. This approach is similar to the different factors that need to be considered during the construction of a building that’s built on a natural setting. We hope to strike the balance between the eyewear and the individual’s face. 

What is the proper way to clean glasses during this pandemic?

All our surfaces can be cleaned using a mild solution. These surfaces need to be handled with care when using solutions containing alcohol or similar products. All materials that aren’t titanium shouldn’t be cleaned with alcohol.

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