Cover Photo: Snippet from trailer

Disney's most iconic villain from 101 Dalmations will be played by Emma Stone in the upcoming live-action movie

In the newly released 90-second Cruella trailer, we see Stone in a white floor-length jacquard hooded silk cape that she sets on fire, transforming the dress into a red mermaid-tail gown. Originally Estella de Vil, the villain grew up in London in the '70s and is seen in the trailer aspiring to become a fashion designer

As the story goes, Estella catches the eye of fashion icon Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), which triggers a series of events, and we see her sweeping the screen in bold red gowns, embellished motocross trousers, military jackets and balloon skirts finished with weaved-in petals.

In real life, the costumes were created by English costume designer Jenny Beavan. The works of Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano were all at the forefront of the designers’ research for the film, both of whom were the icons that encapsulated London’s punk-rock fashion scene at the time. 

In total, Beaven had designed 47 looks for Stone and 33 for Thompson. The film hits cinemas on May 27, but before then, here are the looks we're already excited to see in their full glory. 

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