Cover Photo: Dior

Marguerite Humeau is one of 11 artists from around the globe tasked to redesign the iconic Lady Dior for the 4th Edition Dior Lady Art project

Stripping away the emblematic rigid box structure and diamond-quilted motif of the Lady Dior, French artist Marguerite Humeau created a sophisticated wavy version that drew on her knowledge of palaeontology and biology. The bag is also created using a 3D printer – a first in the Dior Lady Art project. The Dior Lady Art #4 collection will be launched in Malaysia on Jan 8, 2020.

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Can you tell us about your project for Dior?

My original intention was to collaborate with Dior to design a material for a bag that would look like it has been sculpted in stone while looking ‘alive'. Thanks to recent advances in the field of synthetic biology using 3D printers, it is now possible to ‘design life'. This freshly designed bag is an accelerated version of what could happen in the near future. It's a prototype for a speculative living bag.

How did you interpret the Lady Dior bag?

We took the bag and imagined putting it in a wind tunnel—those rooms used in the aeronautical industry to simulate wind and test resistance. One can recognise the original shape of the Lady Dior bag, but it feels like it is in movement. I wanted to keep the attention focused on the main body, so I decided to not have the Dior charms. Instead, I hid the Dior letters in the folds of the bag.


What story does the bag tell?

I think this bag reflects a contemporary state or feeling that the end of our world might be near, but that other worlds may exist beyond ours, and that we, humans, have to take a step back.

  • PhotographyCourtesy of Dior