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These Nike sneakers have topped sales for their timeless design and comfort. Read on to find out if you've had one of the most iconic kicks in your lifetime:

Nike has produced some of the most iconic sneakers today, whether the silhouette's been redesigned or the shoe's been styled with a new colourway.

Up until now, many loyal fans continue to support the brand by anticipating new releases every single year. Find out which sneakers continue to make sales today and see if you've copped any of them:

Nike Air Max

The Nike Air Max's first model was released in 1987, yet this sneaker has been redesigned endlessly.

You might be familiar with the many versions of this shoe - from 90, 97, 97 SE to Infinity and more. It's lightweight and has the iconic air technology that redefined sneakers the worldover—not only does this shoe boast of style, it also provides the utmost comfort.

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Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez might have risen to fame in recent years, but this design has been around for almost 50 years. In fact, this sneaker has been a favourite since Farah Fawcett wore them in the TV Show Charlie's Angels and when the shoe made an appearance in the movie Forrest Gump

Nike Daybreak Trainers

Probably one of the oldest Nike models, the Daybreak is a running shoe that was first released in 1979. This design also emphasises comfort with its padded collar. But it remains true to its original design; since it was relaunched in 2019, the Nike Daybreak retained its colour-blocked suede style.

Nike Air Jordan

One of the most coveted and high-priced sneakers has to be the Air Jordans, a sneaker line produced by Nike for the legendary Michael Jordan. This line has had a long history of remodelling. The brand has explored various colourways and continues to do so today. Prices for a pair of Air Jordans may continue to rise if it has been designed based on classics like the Chicago or styled by famous stars like Travis Scott.

Nike Flyknit

The Nike Flyknit is a comfortable running shoe that is breathable and lightweight. This has stayed on the market for so long because of its incredible Flyknit technology; these sneakers have a sock-like fit that makes it easy and convenient to run for miles. The Flyknit is so snug that it's almost comparable to other brands' sneakers like Adidas Yeezy when it comes to the level of comfort.