When her fans aren’t speculating about Neelofa’s love life, they will debate about her fashion choices. Such is the price of fame, but Neelofa, who grew up in the limelight, shrugs off these social media chatter like water off a duck’s back. “You have to stay true to yourself, always. No matter what people say about you, only you know what you stand for,” says this petite businesswoman, whose headscarf empire is a global success. This fashionista also keeps herself busy as the non-executive independent director of Air Asia and representing different brands as an ambassador. In an exclusive interview, Neelofa elaborates on her fashion staples, her philosophy on success and how ‘vibing’ with her outfits matters more to her than anything else.
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Above Photo: Aaron Lee / Lenswork Studio. On Neelofa: Max Mara Manuela Camel coat and Novana dress.

How is a typical day like for you?
As a rule, I don't have fixed schedules so my days can be hectic and crazy. Often, I am always at photo shoots for campaigns back-to-back, not just for my own company but for the brands I collaborate with, like I did with The Melium Group during KLFW.

Then, there are events to attend, as well. I try to minimise my events from year to year, because my time is getting more limited. Now I will take a pause and reflect, will this project/event challenge me in my career? If yes, I will go ahead with it because I am all about finding avenues for self-growth.

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Above Makeup: Khir Khalid using Lancôme. On Neelofa: Max Mara GramSweater and Max Mara Elegante skirt.

Do you experiment with fashion?
Yes, of course! I have a team that feeds me on the latest trends and looks to experiment with. I personally like working with different stylists because I think it’s important to stay updated and relevant.

On my own, I am open to any new style of fashion. The fashion labels I collaborate with know that I am always up for experimenting. You can see it in how I wear my headscarf. I switched from shawl to turban last year and love playing with different fabrics, cut and textures in mixing and matching clothes. I never want to get bored with how I look!

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Above Tudung styling: Nazlivingastyle. On Neelofa: Max Mara Iconic Teddy BearCoat and Pegno Pants.

What are staples in your wardrobe?
On my off duty days, I’m happiest in my oversized sweaters with skinny jeans or leggings. I like hoodies too, I'll style it up with my turban for a polished look.

Which do you choose first? The outfit or the headscarf?
I believe that a tudung completes an outfit, so I choose my headscarf last. After nine years of donning the headscarf, I noticed that some of my outfits look better when I complete the look with a tudung!

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Above On Neelofa: Max Mara Andrea T-Shirt and Tartan Wool skirt.

What are your rules when it comes to styling yourself?
I am petite, so I pay special attention to cut so it flatters my height and body shape. I also think it’s crucial to dress for the right environment. When I was in Paris in spring, I had fun playing with colours and layers because of the city's architecture and weather. But on my day-to-day, I prefer easy slip-and-go outfits in nude and earthen colours.

Finally, I think it’s important to think about your vibe with your clothes. When you wear something that affects your confidence, this will show in how you carry yourself.  Being comfortable in your own skin must come from within. When you know this, you will vibe naturally—especially in your clothes—and people respond to that.

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