Following the success of Louis Vuitton’s “Masters” handbag series featuring reimagined artworks by contemporary artist Jeff Koons, the French fashion house launched a second collection showcasing a whole new range of artists

Similar to the first Louis Vuitton Masters collection, the second instalment of handbags features a short biography of each respective artist stitched on the inside and Koons' reconfiguration of the Louis Vuitton Monogram sprinkled throughout. It's the first time the iconic pattern has been allowed to be reshaped. 

Check out the spectacular pieces from the new Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collection below:

“Delightful Land,” an Edenic painting by Post-Impressionist French painter Paul Gaugin. A contemporary Vincent Van Gogh, the Symbolist artist’s travels to the South Pacific heavily influenced his work as can be seen in his use of lush colours and exotic motifs.

“Luncheon on the Grass” by Impressionist French painter Edouard Manet was controversial in its day for its introduction of nudity into an otherwise formal scenery. Though his training began in Realism, Manet has since been deemed a founding father of contemporary art.

“Ancient Rome,” a political allegory by watercolour landscape master J. M. W. Turner, presents a historic scene depicting the fall of Imperial Rome as a narrative on the England's decline. The British painter of the Romantic era was one of the most celebrated artists in the royal courts of Europe.

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“Water Lilies” is the world-renowned scenic pond painted by French master Claude Monet. An admirer of nature’s bountiful inspirations, Monet eschewed techniques championed by the Old Masters in favour of the shifting light and colour effects of impressionism, establishing himself as a founder of the genre along with his friends Renoir, Bazille and Sisley.

“Reclining Girl” is the portrait of a voluptuous 15-year-old model who became Louis XV's mistress thanks to this painting by Rococo master, Francois Boucher. The first painter to the King, the French artist was known for depicting erotic scenes with cherubic innocence.

Watch the animated video below to find out more about the masterpieces that inspired the Louis Vuitton Masters 2 collection: 

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